Sunday, July 6, 2008


Look at the first and second photos carefully. In the first photo, the mother is holding her daughter's hand and helping her to cross the tracks very carefully. In the second photo, the boy came alone and ran across the track with gay abandon. Now the questions are:
1) Does the parents of the boy know their little son is crossing an unmanned railway track?
2) If they know, why are they so careless?


CIELO said...

I guess parents differ in many way, regardless nationality or language. The care and love children received from their parents and the care and love parents bestow their children depends on many factors. Everybody is a world in it self. I see that every week at our church…
Mothers with small children behave differently toward their kids depending their life styles and personal experiences…. It’s sad to say, but I’ve noticed that parents, especially mothers with many children are the least interested in her child’s well being.

That was a very good post!


FCB said...

That is a good post. It just raises the hairs on my neck to see children in danger. Hopefully some day there will be a skywalk for safety. Scary.