Saturday, July 19, 2008


This is young, dashing Jacob Damang. He is 26 years old. He is from Dargeeling in West Bengal in India. He belongs to the Gorkah tribe. He is working in the Indian Navy as a musician. He is stationed in the Naval Base,Kochi. He studied upto 12th standard and is doing BA in English Literature through correspondence course from Annamalai University.He is drawing a salary of Rs.8000 per month($160) plus free food and lodging.

His band plays Western Classical Music, AbbA, Back Street Boys,Hindhi movie songs etc. for the navymen. The band mainly travels with the naval ships on a goodwill mission to different countries and plays music on foreign shores. He has already visited Singapore, Malasia, Thailand, Seyshells, Maldives,Cameroon,etc. Next year probably the ship will go to European Countries and he will get a chance to play on European shores also.
He plays football for about one and a half hours every day to keep himself physically fit. He doesn't smoke or drink although these things are available in plenty in the navy at cheap prices and all his colleagues enjoy themselves.

He joined the navy when he was 18 and has already put in 8 years of service. He plans to retire after completing 15 years and he will get a pension of Rs.7000 per month for life. After that he wants to join British Airways branch office in Calcutta where his brother is employed.

Gorkahs are very famous for their bravery and courage. They fought very valiantly during the Second World war for the British Army. Even now the British Army has a Gorkah regiment and every now and then the British officials come to Dargeeling to recruit Gorkahs. The salary is very high in Britain but Jacob says that living conditions for the Gorkahs are quite difficult in the British Army. The Gorkahs are famous for their special knife KUKRI with which they fought their enemies.

Jacob said that it is time for him to marry. He has already told his parents to arrange a suitable girl. He had a girl friend but she is already married now.
He is a Born Again Christian. His grand father was a Budhist but converted to Christianity. In his younger days, Jacob says that he was a 'freak'. He was away from God and did all rubbish including not going to church for worship. His parents were very upset with him.He was very disturbed then. Now he is very happy doing God's work in a small way. Saturday and Sunday are holidays for him. He comes out of the Naval Base to distribute pamplets about Jesus to the public in Kochi. His aim is to talk to as many strangers as possible and make them understand that they can attain salvation only through Jesus. Just looking at him and listening to him I could feel his energy level , enthusiasm and missionary zeal are at a very high level. No doubt he is inspired by the HOLY SPIRIT.
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Mel said...

Now there is a young man I'm looking forward to meeting someday, if not on this earth, then in eternity. I couldn't believe my eyes when I read he was 26! At first glance I thought he could be no more than 14! :) Thank you for sharing this glimpse into the life of another one of God's precious children.

FCB said...

Yes, thanks for the glimpse into this inspiring young man's life. Your stories encourage me to show myself more friendly. One might see this man sitting while eating and have no idea of all the good things he is involved in. Here is to the Gorkah tribe, may they prosper in soul and body.
God bless,

Leo said...

A very vibrant young fellow - and with a good appetite, too. What is he eating?

Joseph Pulikotil said...

He is eating NAN --- a preparation from atta(by product of wheat) and vegetable curry.

Best wishes!

Muze said...

he seems like a very interesting young man. thanks for sharing.

and thanks for visiting my site!