Thursday, July 31, 2008


I was going to the stock broker's office located on the third floor of a ten story building. When I was a little distance from the lift, I saw a man entering the lift and the door closed. I could have walked fast and stopped the lift. I didn't. Instead I continued walking in my leisurely pace thinking that I will wait for the lift to go up and come down. It might take five minutes but I was prepared to wait. I was not at all happy with the decision. Yet for some reason, perhaps lethargy, I was not prepared to move fast.

Suddenly a young man rushed from behind me to the lift and pressed the open button. I looked at the door thinking whether the lift will stop going up, whether the lift door will open or whether it will not open. A few seconds passed and I held my breath. To my utter amazement the door did open . I got inside after the young man. As the lift moved up I nodded at him and gave him a smile of gratefulness. He smiled back at me as though telling me that what he did was nothing and he was capable of doing much greater things. In my mind I fully agreed with him.

And then I started telling myself:
Youth is achievement.
Youth is courageous.
Youth is brave.
Youth is bold.
Youth is dynamic.
Youth has no fear.
Youth is risk taking.
Youth has dreams.
Youth has hope.
Youth has stamina.

May be you can add some words of your own to the above list!

If you are not young, you don't have to despair. OLDER people having the above qualities can also be called YOUNG.

Have a good day!


FCB said...

Hi Joseph, I'm glad we lose our youth in such small increments, allowing us to except these attributes you liste, and I'm glad we add a few new ones; that takes some of the sting out of it,
but not all.

Mel said...

Hi Joseph,

Your post reminds me of something I say quite frequently, which is that I plan to never get old, because old is a state of mind. I know 60-year-olds who are far older in every way except actual years than other people who are into their 90's. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experiences so freely.

God bless you!