Wednesday, April 29, 2009


This is a comment made by me in Fred’s blog – FLYING EMBERS –against his post dated 11th March, 2009. You can check up on the post by visiting his blog listed under my BLOGS I FOLLOW.
It deals with time management, it deals with our aims and aspirations, it touches upon what we should do with this life, it touches upon what is permanent and what is temporary and in fact the entire gamut of things we should do and should not do to make this life useful , profitable, enjoyable, interesting and noteworthy. Will we leave our foot prints on solid rock to remain for ever or on the shores of the sea only to be washed away by the next incoming wave?

In this connection it will be interesting to note the philosophy of William Wordsworth who says that we have all come from God and we have to go back to HIM after a short sojourn in this world. Here we live in a state of forgetfulness or unconsciousness and the earth acts as a foster mother and offers us many temptations. The divine spark can be seen in children but as they grow up this divinity becomes a distant memory.

Well, everyone agrees that our life should be planned, we should have a schedule so as to avoid wasting our precious time on unnecessary things which will not further our aims and ambitions. People who stuck their interests in spite of the monotony, long hours, insurmountable obstacles succeeded in leaving a permanent imprint on this earths history. All great men we revere are of this kind. They persisted and persevered in the fields which they like with consistency and clock work precision. The majority of us take life as it comes and do our best to enjoy it and in the process we don’t really achieve anything concrete in this world.

The fact remains that what ever we achieve in this world, we cannot take it with us when we die. We came with nothing and we will go with nothing. Bill Gates, the richest man in the world, will not be able to take his billions when he dies.

Now the question arises whether Bill Gates is better than others. To some extent yes. He can do a lot for the suffering masses in the world than what we can do with our limited resources. He can do Gods work better than us. He may not be able to eat better than us with all his money. But he can feed the poor, provide shelters for the poor, he can provide medical assistance to the poor and so on. In other words, he will find favor with God more than us. He has used the talents given to him by God in the best possible way while we have frittered away our talents.
Don't be surprised I can write such a long comment. If I am inspired I can write a longer comment :)

I hope you will put on your thinking caps and be generous in your comments. I highly value your opinions and therefore feel free to write whatever you want.

Best wishes:)

Saturday, April 25, 2009


Mattancherry is a known as the spices town. Small growers bring their hill produce such as pepper, ginger, cardamom etc. grown in the high ranges and sell them to the wholesalers here. The wholesalers process these products and sell them to bigger companies or export them.

However, this small town has become a tourist attraction because Jewish Synagogue is located here. ( I will show you the Synagogue in one of my subsequent posts.). As you walk towards the synagogue you will find streets lined with arts, curios, antiques, shawls, carpets, paintings, old wood carvings, jewelry and many other items of tourist interest. I really don't know from where these merchants get these exotic items.Please click on the photos for a larger view.

Waiting anxiously for customers.

Queen Elizabeth II visited this place to see the trading activity that takes place here.No computers are used. The traders shout at each other loudly. They are actually calling out the prices to buy and sell but it will look like they are fighting with each other. There will be more than 100 traders on the floor at any given time and therefore you can imagine the bedlam in this place. You can go deaf with the noise. I was told the Queen enjoyed the visit. Perhaps she had ear plugs. I am sure :)
A rich man has already bought these items. They are being loaded in the truck to be transported to his house.

I am sure you would like to have some of them in your houses. Just tell me what you want and I will parcel them to you. :):):)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


In Kerala, Malayalees consume parottas, beef and liquor in large quantities. The price of beef has sky rocketed and we,albeit being a pigmy state, have the distinction of being the highest liquor consuming State in the whole of India.

The other day when I was walking I watched a man making parottas. The skill, the dexterity, the co-ordination, and the speed of making parottas in the hundreds amazed me. I was compelled to stand there for sometime and watch the entire process with rapt attention unmindful of people staring at me.

Parottas are made out of maida ( a product of wheat}.

The dough is made into small balls like this.

It is flattened with hand in a round shape.

It is placed on the hot plate.

Oil is sprinkled.

It is turned over and fried

Then it is removed and heaped on top of the others and pressed with both hands on all sides to make it soft and fluffy.

Then it is piled on a large plate ready to be sold.

You can eat it with chicken, mutton or fish curry or just plain dipped in tea.

I am not at all good in cooking. So don’t blame me for the usage of words and terms which may not be correct.

However, I assure you I am good in eating. So any one want to make parottas and give me? I’m hungry!

Saturday, April 18, 2009


Those who take the sword will die by the sword. On the other hand, if you use your pen you can earn money. Believe me! This is true!

Today I receive by post a cheque for Rs.750 ($15) for my article that was published in the Indian Express on 17TH Feb.2009. You can imagine my thrill and happiness. This post is just to share my joy with you.

This was posted by me in my blog on 18th Feb.2009 under the heading---A HEAVY LUNCH AND A KIND SOUL. My friends have already read it and commented on it.

Initially my idea was to keep a record of this incident in my blog. But when I sent it to the Indian Express, it was published. I was just lucky!

You can also try. Nothing is lost.

My best wishes to all.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Please meeet Bidappa. He is from Guntur in Andhra Pradesh. He is married with two children. He is an agricultural worker. But he is not able to earn enough money to support his family. The wages are too low in his village. So he has come to Kochi to find work. Here the wages are more than double when compared to the neighboring states. He has no room to stay. He sleeps on the road side and if it rains under the shelter of closed shops in the night. He uses the public tap to wash himself and his clothes and uses the public toilet. There is a shop which hires out all the implements needed by these laborers.

Yet he is cheerful. On the day I met him he didn’t get a job. He was sitting on the road side hoping some one will call him and give him a job. When I started talking to him, he thought I have come to give him a job. At the end of our conversation, I gave him a ten rupee note. He was stunned. He exclaimed with a radiant smile on his face, ”In this day and age no one gives money with out doing any work!” I told him to have a cup of tea and walked home.

He is not the only one doing this. There are many women also who have come from the neighboring states looking for work.

He is not the only one doing this. There are many women also who have come from the neighboring states looking for work.

Many of us complain we don’t have enough of this and that. We say that life is unfair to us. What about these people who have left their near and dear ones far away and come to a strange place hoping to get some work, earn money and support themselves and their families? What about the hardships they undergo? They are also human like you and me! Why have they been discriminated? Why have they to suffer so much? I cannot find an answer.

Can you find any answers, my dear friends?

Saturday, April 11, 2009


Just a few hours are left for our Lord, Jesus Christ, to rise from the dead. I thought it would be a good idea to visit a church and pray. Please click on the photos to enlarge.

The Little Flower Church is located at Kadavanthara, Kochi. It is a fairly new church which was built after demolishing the old church which was small with a tiled roof. The parishners contributed very generously and this church was built at cost of Rs,. 3 crores. This is one of the biggest Catholic Syrian churches around Kochi.

Let us take a look.

Children being trained for First Holy Communion.

I take this opportunity to wish you, your family and your near and dear ones a Blessed and Happy Easter. May the Risen Lord, Jesus Christ, bless us and show us the path to eternal life and everlasting peace, joy and happiness. Amen.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


It was quite hot in the afternoon. On account of evaporation and condensation dark clouds had gathered over the city. Being Holy Week, in the evening I decided to go to the church to say my confession

Before entering the church I stepped into a restaurant to a have a cup of tea. As I sat there and sipped my tea, I heard a loud ear shattering thunder and saw blinding flashes of lightening. It started raining heavily accompanied by strong winds. The huge trees near by started swaying like they were possessed by furious demons. Being summer, most people were not prepared for the sudden rains. They started running helter skelter to avoid getting drenched. Some came into the restaurant and started chatting loudly and excitedly. The noise level was quite high and deafening. I did not want to get up from my chair because someone will occupy it immediately and I will have to stand till the rain stops. So I ordered for two vadas and started eating slowly

On account of the strong winds, a little bird got dislodged from its nest and fell among the people inside the restaurant. Immediately people moved out of the way of the bird to avoid stamping it. The bird scrambled to a corner and started squeaking pitiably as though it was in severe pain. Every one looked at the bird sadly but no one including me came forward to help it in anyway. Finally a worker from the kitchen came, caught the bird and took it into the kitchen. Either he will take care of it or let it go outside through the back window. I only hope he will not decide to make a dish out of it. Do you have any thoughts on the fate of the bird?

It was still pouring outside. So I ordered for a Sugian and started eating it very leisurely. I saw a man entering with a woman. She brought two cups of tea – one for him and one for her. They stood there near me sipping their tea and talking animatedly. When the tea was over, I heard her telling him that it was getting late and she has to rush home. He took out a Rs.10 note and gave it to her to pay for both the teas at the counter. She kept her cup on my table and touched that man’s thighs. He was wearing a spotless white pant. I thought that either it was her way of saying thanks to him or perhaps she was wiping her tea soiled fingers on his pant. Any way that is their business and I looked out. Can you throw some light on this?

It was still drizzling. So I ordered for a Bonda and started eating it. My stomach was full by the time I finished it. I was sitting and thinking what to do next. Fortunately, the rain stopped. I quickly paid the money, dashed to the church, said my confession and started walking home.

The were puddles of water on the road because the drains were clogged The weather was nice, cool and pleasant. I was so full that I will not be able to eat dinner. But I will have a good, peaceful, deep, dreamless sleep.

Friday, April 3, 2009


My friend Mathew’s father passed away and I attended the funeral ceremony. He was 68 years old. Due to his heavy smoking, his lungs collapsed and he died .Smokers beware! May his soul rest in peace. May God grant his family the courage and strength to bear this irreparable loss.

We are all born to die one day. We will not take anything from this world. It doesn’t mean that we should not use our God given talents to become rich and famous. We are accountable to God for the use of our talents. We cannot give excuses for our failure.

When we are young, we think we will never die. As we grow older the thought of death sometimes enters our minds. One day we suddenly realize that death is upon us and staring at our face and then ---- we are gone!


Oh! Why am I talking about death so much? We are not born to die! Are we? We will live forever!
What do you think?