Thursday, April 1, 2010


St. Thomas is believed to have landed in Kerala at Kodungallur (Cranganore) in AD 52.

Oral tradition says that while travelling through Malayattor, faced with hostile natives, he fled to the hilltop where he is said to have remained in prayer and that he left his foot prints on one of the rocks.

According to beliefs, during prayer, he touched a rock and blood poured from it.

The chief festival is on the first Sunday after Easter. It is traditionally believed that St. Thomas used to make the Sign of the Cross on the rock, kiss it and pray at Kurisumudi. The story has it that a miraculous golden cross appeared at that particular spot.

Pilgrims going up the hill call out incessantly "Ponnum Kurishu Muthappo, Ponmala Kayattom", meaning "O Patriarch of the Golden Cross! Climb we shall, this golden hill!" \

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A breathtaking view from a vantage point above the hill.

A lovely sunset through the trees.

There are 14 Stations of the Cross on the way upto the hill top. I did not even climb upto the first Station of the Cross.I felt tired and and decided to come down. Coming down is more difficult than going up. One has to be very careful. One of these days I will climb up this hill not only to comfirm my faith but also to test my endurance and health.

I had a glass of tea here to refresh myself.