Friday, July 18, 2008

THE PRESENT ---- by Spencer Johnson

The Past is history,
The Future is mystery
The Present is a GIFT:
Enjoy the GIFT

You already know what the Present is.
You already know where to find it and
You already know how it can make you happy and successful.
You knew it best when you were younger.
You have simply forgotten.

The Present is not the Past and it is not the Future.
The Present is the Present moment.
The Present is now.

Even in the most difficult situations,
When you focus on what is “Right” in the Present moment,
It makes you happier and
Gives you the needed energy and confidence to deal with what is “Wrong”.

Being in the Present means, tuning out distractions and
Paying attention to what is important “NOW”

Look at what happened in the Past.
Learn some thing valuable from it.
Use what you learn to improve the Present.

No one can predict or control the Future.
However, the more you plan for what you want to see happen
The less anxious you are in the Present and
The more the Future is known to you.

Picture what a wonderful Future would be like.
Create a realistic plan to help it happen.
Put your plan into action in the Present.

When you want to be happy and more successful,
It is time to be in the Present moment.
When you want the Present to be better than the Past
It is time to learn from the Past.
When you want the Future to be better than the Present
It is time to plan for the Future.

When you live and work with a purpose and respond to what is important NOW,
You are more able to lead, manage, support, befriend and love.



Mel said...

Thank you for sharing these timely words of wisdom! It's important to keep these things in mind so that we can be faithful with all that God has given us. :)

God bless you!

FCB said...

I really like this post Joseph. It is so practical and holds so many keys to a full life.
Thanks and many blessings,

Howie Dee said...

Just what I needed to read. Thanks!

Howie Dee said...

Just what I needed to read. Thanks!