Monday, July 21, 2008


Mutton prices are skyrocketing! Is it because we all love to eat lamb chops, mutton fry, mutton curry, mutton stew, mutton soup etc.?

However, have you thought about the method of getting meat from the goats? It appear to be a very painful, torturous and agonising process for the poor goats.

Take a close look at the goats. They are tied so tightly that they cannot breathe. They are suffocating. They are pulling hard at the ropes and they cannot get free. They are in the hot sun since morning. They have not been given water and anything to eat. They look terrified and their eyes are popping out. Perhaps they are aware of the impending disaster.
The question is how long they will have to wait for the calamity? I walked back on the same platform after 3 hours. The goats were still in the same position. They have stopped struggling and resigned to their fate. In the meanwhile there was a heavy downpour and they were completely drenched. Then the hot, burning sun came out and they were getting scorched.

I asked a shopkeeper why these goats were tied like that and some looked like lambs. I also asked him if they were for sale. He told me with an impish grin that the goats were waiting to be slaughtered and no one knows when the slaughterer will come to end their misery. He also told me that these goats don't grow big.

I felt sorry for the goats. I sighed and continued walking. There was nothing I can do.

Where is the SPCA? Where are the animal lovers?

There was a time when the newspapers and animal lovers were making lot of noise against killing stray dogs which were attacking human beings and some small children were even bitten to death. No body in Kochi eats dogs meat but non vegetarians love mutton dishes. This could be one answer for the ordeal of the goats. Or are there other answers for this unwanted cruelty?

Why not we all become vegetarians in protest at least for a few months? After all the biggest and strongest animals like elephant, giraffe, horse, hippopotamus are vegetarians. If nothing else, at least the goats will get some respite and the price of mutton will come crashing down.
Wish you all a bright and beautiful day!


sammy said...

I so agree with you... where are the animal rights now... Just not politically high enough yet...

Mel said...

Those poor creatures... I feel sorry for them, too. :(