Sunday, May 31, 2009


This is my friend. He is working in the Kochi branch of a huge automobile manufacturing company. He cannot work without smoking. He says smoking relieves tension, helps him to think and breaks the monotony of work. When I pointed out to him that smoking is not good for his health, he laughs. He is an educated man and holding a responsible job apart from the fact he is a family man.
Since 1988, World No Tobacco Day is being held every May 31st on the initiative of World Health Organization. The WHO estimates that global tobacco consumption has soared by 20% since 2003 primarily in Africa and Asia which has been targeted by transnational tobacco companies over the last nine years.

China which accounts for 30% of the world’s smokers or 350 million citizens is followed by India with 13% or 238 million smokers. Russia and US account for 5-6%.

Russia ranks 3rd in terms of tobacco production after China and the United States. About 400,000 Russian annually die from smoking related diseases as contrasted with 100,000 deaths in road accidents nationwide.

All EU countries except members of the former communist block, have already banned smoking in offices, restaurants, bars, cafes and government agencies. Contrary to a widespread opinion, the US government has not declared a federal ban on smoking in public places.

The WHO estimates that at least five million will die from tobacco related causes throughout 2009 worldwide and that this figure will reach 8-10 million by 2020.
Smoking may claim a billion lives in 21st century.

(Extracts from the Hindu news paper dated 30th May,2009.)
I had a friend. His name was Ganesh. He died of tobacco smoking and tobacco chewing at the young age of 36. I cautioned him several time to give up this bad habit. He laughed. He contracted mouth cancer. One portion of his jaw was cut. Ultimately he died a miserable death. I miss him. He used to call me on the eve of every new year to wish me. I can still hear his voice ---- “ Hello Joseph! I’m Ganesh! I called to wish you and your family happy new year!”

Oh, my friend! Where are you now------ I am waiting for your call on new year's eve-----

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


This Church belongs to the Roman Catholic(Latin rite) community. It is more than 400 years old. You can see the Indo-Portuguese style in the structure of the Church. Let us first see how the Church looks from the outside(Please click on the photo to get a lovely large view.)

Devotees saying novena in front of the grotto of Our Lady of Hope.

Now let us go inside. If you are entering the Church for the first time you can make three wishes. Your can also pray for yourself, your family and your friends and for me or You can sit silently and meditate about God or You can simply sit and soak in the peace and quietude prevailing inside Or if you are tired, you can sit and sleep for a while because Jesus said---COME TO ME ALL OF YOU WHO ARE TIRED and BURDENED WITH WORRIES, I WILL GIVE YOU REST AND PEACE.


Thursday, May 21, 2009


I am delighted to inform you that I have received an award from Trudy—Third Time’s a Charm. You can check up her blog which is listed under The Blogs I Follow list.

She has not only given an Award but also a certificate of merit which reads as follows:-

Life in Motion
Joseph's blog is wonderful. I don't know what else to say. I linked to him from a comment he had left on another blog (see #9) and was just captivated immediately. He is a sincere, kind, loving and wonderful man who also happens to be a fine photographer that lives in India! He has very interesting posts on everything from his travels to customs in India, etc...and always has wonderful pictures to share!

WOW!I was stunned and completely bowled over by this citation.

Trudy is living in Burnsville, Minnesota, United States. She is a warm, affectionate, loving person. A dynamic go-getter, with limitless energy and abundant enthusiasm, with a lust for life and friendship which draws you to her like a magnet and engulfs you totally. She writes beautifully, interestingly, humorously about various things with an inimitable style of her own. It is well worth your time and effort to pay a visit to her blog and check it out for yourself. I am sure you will find a fine friend and build a lasting relationship.

I am aware my happiness and joy is dependent on your whole hearted support and co-operation, encouragement and motivation. Hence, my dear friends, I have decided to pass on this award to all of you listed under my BLOGS I FOLLOW COLUMN and also other friends whose names I have not listed inadvertently. Since some of you would like to have the award and some may not like to receive the award, I don’t want to take an arbitrary decision. Therefore, I humbly request you to let me know your willingness to accept this award, so that I can pass it on to you gladly and without any hesitation.

You are my glittering diamonds, rubies, emeralds and pearls in my treasure box and I value each one you very highly. You are my tiara, diadem, crown, wrist band studded with precious stones of inestimable value. Therefore, please let me know your willingness to accept this award and I will be thrilled and honored and consider it a great privilege to pass it on to you.

I remain,
Your best friend for ever,

Sunday, May 17, 2009


I was traveling in a private bus “MARIA” from Palarivattom to Lissie Junction. When the bus reached Kaloor International Stadium, the driver suddenly applied the bakes hard. The bus came to a screeching halt and we could hear a “thud” sound. All the passengers fell forward on account of the sudden braking and those standing in the bus had a tough time balancing themselves and some fell on top of the others. There was a commotion inside the bus. The conductor told us there is an accident and we have to get down.
I got down and saw the accident. The bus had rammed into the backside of a lovely car. The glass screen and the lights at the back were completely smashed and the back portion of the car was also damaged. The bus driver was trying the blame the car driver for the accident. The car driver wanted a police case and the bus driver wanted a private settlement. The car driver refused to accept this suggestion and he started to call the police on his mobile. The bus driver realizing that the police will come and book a case, he started calling the owner of the bus to inform him about the accident.

I was in a hurry. So I clicked some photos and left the scene

In Kochi, the private buses painted in red are called “RED KILLERS”. The drivers are known for their rash and negligent driving, overtaking in prohibited places, unnecessarily hooting loudly, causing unwanted accidents and sometimes even running over people and killing them on the spot. The police are helpless because these drivers have powerful unions. At the slightest provocation they will go on strikes and the traveling public will suffer due to over dependence on these buses for going to work, school, shopping and various other needs. Only the courts can instill the fear of God in them but court cases are few because most of these accidents are settled without court involvement. As a result accidents continue to happen, people continue to be hit and some unlucky persons will die in the process. There is total public apathy. And, of course, life goes on.

I am sure you have some thoughts on these rash drivers in Kochi, the efficiency of your own public transport system and some thoughts on interesting things that happened while traveling in public transport.

Have a wonderful day

Saturday, May 9, 2009


I went to Vypeen Island near Kochi.

Where the sky lovingly cuddles the dreamy Arabian Sea.

Where the Arabian Sea affectionately caresses the Kochi back waters..

Where fishermen are busy trying hard to make a living.

Where container ships gently glide.

Where cruise ships brings loads of rich tourists.

I was thrilled to see two men sitting on the rocks piled on the shore to prevent sea erosion and admiring the scenery. I wanted to pick up a conversation with them. But they looked burly and tough. I hesitated a bit. I waited for a little while to muster enough courage to approach them. Then I started talking to them. Soon I found out that they were friendly people who only had a tough exterior with soft heart like the tender coconut.

The short man with a big,bright enchanting smile is PAUL SCHINDLER and the tall man’s name is JOAHEN. They are 53 and 47 respectively. They are from Germany and live in trucks with all amenities near an artificial lake about 80 km. from Munich. There are about 200 trucks with people living in that area. They live among nature.
They have divorced their wives since they wanted freedom and live independently. Their children are grown up and they are self supporting.

Now they have come on a tour to India for 21 days. They will be visiting all the important places in the west coast. They have already been to Kovalam Beach in Trivandrum and they have traveled in a house boat from Quilon to Alleppey. They enjoyed the house boat travel very much that they are toying with the idea of buying a house boat. They have come to Kochi by bus from Alleppey and staying in Fort Kochi.

They were amazed that I could speak good English. I told them that we were ruled by the British and English language is their legacy to us. They said that in Germany they don’t speak much English.

It was getting late and I had a fill of the lovely place. So I took leave of them and started walking. They also stood up and started walking with me. As we walked, a small fish fell in front of Paul. He quickly pushed it back into the waters. . He told me jokingly it was a flying fish.(Actually it must have been a fish fallen from the beak of a bird flying above us.) I told him jokingly that when he goes back to Germany he can tell his friends about the flying fish he saw in Kochi. He told me with a smile on his face that he will tell his friends that all fishes in India fly. All three of us had a good laugh.
I told Paul that in Kochi we have LAUGHING CLUBS. People get together in a public place or park, stand in a group and laugh loudly. He said it must be a great fun to watch them. I said they will look like a bunch of jokers but this kind of laughing is good for health because it moves all the muscles in the body. We had more laughs over this. Joahen said that he will tell his friends back home in Germany that in India there are not only flying fishes but also laughing people. We laughed more until our sides ached.

By this time we had reached our respective jetties. They were going back to Fort Kochi and I was going to the main land Ernakulam. We shook each others hands very warmly and parted company. I had already taken their photos to show them to you:)

Some how their view on marriage and family life did not jell with my ideas. I don’t think all Germans think in that way. I will be delighted to know your opinions.

Best wishes:)

Monday, May 4, 2009


I was trying to take a photo of the sun set through the Chinese fishing net.

Suddenly I heard a sweet mellifluous voice saying, “Excuse me sir!! Can you take a photo of the two of us?” I turned around and saw a lovely lady standing next to me with sparkling eyes and a big, bright,beatific smile on her face. My heart skipped a beat.

The beauty about smile is that when someone smiles at you, you also tend to smile instantaneously. They say a smile is contagious. Try it at home,on your colleagues and on strangers and see for yourself.
I smiled back at her and told her, “ I will not take one photo but as many photos as you want until you are completely satisfied.” She giggled like a little girl and walked with her companion and posed. I took a few photos. They saw them and were happy. They told me they were from Paris in France. Immediately I thought of my blogger friend Catherine in Paris. They have come to India on a holiday. The lady’s name was Elizabeth and the man’s name was Luke. We chatted for a while and I gave them directions to visit some important places of tourist attraction. Then I told them I want to take a photo of them to post it in my blog. They readily agreed. You can see them smiling, affectionate, loving and beautiful. I gave them my blog address. They said they will check up on my blog and post a comment after going back to Paris. May God bless them with all happiness.
No doubt,I was thrilled to meet this interesting couple and talk to them.

However, God must have decided not to let me go with half a cup of joy on account of this chance meeting with this happy, vivacious love birds who had a zest for life.

As I walked, I saw the sun setting over the cloudy skies.

I kept on walking with my eyes fixed on the sky. Slowly I could see an array of enchanting and fascinating colors spreading all over the sky. The tapestry of colors displayed was so magnificent that I was totally dazzled and spell bound.

I stood there transfixed marveling the might of God. I was soaked in happiness and then I realized my cup of joy was full and overflowing.