Thursday, November 26, 2009


When Jesus Christ lived, preached and worked miracles no one was prepared to believe HIM. HE was badly scourged, mercilessly beaten up and crucified.

The disciples who lived with HIM, walked with HIM, heard HIM preaching, saw HIM working miracles, witnessed HIS crucifixion, and HIS ascension to Heaven started preaching the message of Christ no one believed them. They were mercilessly put to death. St.Thomas came all the way to India to be martyred.

So if Jesus is to come back again in human form and start preaching, no one will believe HIM and HE will be shot to death.

If we can’t believe in the existence of God by looking around us and expect a miracle to happen in front of our eyes, we are going to be disappointed.

Faith is above science and proof. It is something which we feel deep within our heart and we don’t need proof. Besides we can’t convince some one against his or her will. And it is pointless to prove the existence of God to someone who refuses to believe.

Here are two interesting comments to test your faith. If you have a strong faith, it will become stronger. If you have a weak faith, it will become weaker. I assure you my faith has become stronger.

Bindhu Unny said...
Since I am not a Christian and raised by parents who believed in God, but not religion, I feel this man would not have given up religion because his prayers were not answered. He didn't convert and join another religion in the hope of gaining something - material or spiritual. Instead, he is finding solace in the nature itself.
Is there any point in calling oneself a Christian, if the mind is full of greed, hatred, and such negative feelings? Wouldn't world be a better place if there are more people who believe in good deeds than religion?
I am not against Christianity, but I am not for any religion. I prefer to believe in the goodness of human beings. :)

nikgee said...
Religion is a man made creation, not Divine. Not to glorify God, but to exalt man and justify their actions. Look down through the ages at how many people have been killed in the name of religion. I debated long with myself in using the word killed in the above statement. At first I was going to use the word died, but to me it weaken my point. The other word I considered which is closer to my thoughts on the matter is murdered. So for the sake of diplomacy all these people where killed. It sounds so much nicer than murdered in the name of religion

So what am I saying, I don't believe in God... Nothing could ssbe further from the truth. For the lack of a better word to define the existence of an undefinable entity, GOD is my closest choice

Please feel free to write your frank opinions and comments. Your comments need not necessarily conform to mine.

Monday, November 9, 2009


From time immemorial there has always been a clash of ideas between the East and the West. While the East draws inspiration from things like obedience, loyalty and devotion , the West based its wisdom on the freedom of the individual, independence and rule of law. I am reproducing below the comments by Sana in India and Rhapsody in Canada in my previous post and you can see the clash of thoughts. Of course you will have your own ideas after reading these comments and I will be delighted if you can generously share them without any restraint.

A New Beginning said...
Parents are like a precious emrald, they are like a candle in a dark room, they are like an umbrella in the storms of life and like a cool breeze in summers...parents are whom we all love but still cannot love the amount they do...they are the varied hues of our life..the ones that soothe our spirits and love us like no one can ever do.
Those who respect them are the ones, who are blessed with everything in life, but those who fail to do so are like a barren land, not made to survive.
Coz love touches those who know what it means, it teaches you to respect those who helped you walk on your infant knees ...

Rhapsody B. said...
The simple truth is, "you make your children, however you don't make their minds" hence their reasoning is out of your control. Though you may teach them the way of nurturing, the importance of family, honesty, and charity they may choose to take a path different to the way they were thought and you believe. It is why as parents we must not only provide for children we must provide for ourselves for our old age, setting into motion provisions for health care insurance etc., and not build our future golden years on the premise that because we provided for our children they then will return the favor and will provide for us. Perhaps in the ideal world this is a guaranteed must carved into their DNA interwoven with the ethics of family/honor/integrity/loyalty however chances are things may not happen that way and in the real world you may be viewed as a bother and a burden from which they must relieve their selves.

As parents our responsibility is not only to our children it is to us as well. All we can do is love them as they are for who they are and pray that if you are blessed to live a long life we can live it with grace and dignity and be happy.