Saturday, August 29, 2009


Kerala is getting ready for Onam festival. Onam is one of the most popular festival in Kerala because all people irrespective of caste, creed and religion celebrate it. This festival is in memory of the legendary King Mahabali who ruled this land. Under his benevolent rule people were extremely happy. There was no poverty, hunger, sickness, robbery, misery, suffering, murder, homelessness etc. People of Kerala fondly remember the wonderful king and long for his rule to come back. But then as we all know this is an impossible wish.(Please click on the photos for a large, lovely v iew.)

The government, industry, and private institutions have already disbursed bonus to the employees for celebrating Onam. The poeple are in a mood to splurge money. They are not worried about swine flu and recession. Most of the money will be spent on textiles, jewelry, consumer goods and food items. Shops have offered substantial discounts. Almost 70 percent of the yearly sales will be made in one week. There are exhibitions, trade fairs, entertainment programs , circus and many new movies will be released during this time.

Wish you all a very happy Onam. King Mahabali will visit your houses and bless you and your family with all happiness, health, success and prosperity.