Friday, July 11, 2008


Look at the poor old man. He is lying on the slabs of a gutter, miserable, suffering and nobody to care for him. I discussed this with a young man and asked him why the old man's children are not there to take care of him. The young man told me that the old man may not be married and therefore he may not have children. Then I asked him why the government is not taking care of the old man? He told me that India is so highly populated that the government has no funds to take care of poor, sick, old people.

A few weeks back, I saw three old men in different locations. One man was begging, another man sleeping under a bus shelter and another old man, hardly able to walk, was carrying a bathroom weighing machine on his shoulder to the marine drive to earn some money by weighing people. Once again I discussed this with another young man and told him that the children are responsible for the pitiable condition of these old men. He told me in no uncertain terms that these old men were themselves responsible for the sorry state of affairs. These men would have treated their children badly when they were small and therefore the children are not bothered about them now when they are old and helpless.

I can see a very valid point here. If you don't treat your children well when they are dependent on you, the chances are you will be paid back in the same coin when you are old.

This brings me to another related subject and that is starting an OLD AGE HOME. This is a very good business plus you are doing a great service to old people. I know an Indian nurse living in the UK who started a home for the aged in a very small way with the assistance of her husband. The demand soon became so huge that she had to expand in a big way and she started to make big bucks. She minted money and she built palatial houses in UK, SPAIN AND INDIA. Now the home is run by paid employees and the couple is on a permanent holiday all through the year. All that they do is to hop, skip and jump from UK to SPAIN, SPAIN to INDIA and INDIA to UK back again. They only go to UK to count the money. Their two daughters are well educated and married to big business men in India.

Incidentally, I recently read in a news paper that children feel guilty for leaving their elderly parents in old age homes. They are compelled to this because they have to follow their ambitions and build successful careers. What do you think?


FCB said...

You ended this post with "What do you think?". There certainly is a lot to think about within this post. The first part about care; I can imagine with the population of India that to have services to meet even the most basic needs could be impossible. I draw all my conclusions with little solid evidence of my own, and living in the US it is difficult to imagine the obstacles you face in India.
I'm afraid in the US, children have lost much of their obligation to care for their parents, many do, but, sadly, many don't. But we have basic government plans that do offer a meager existence.
I agree, we reap what we sow, and it may well be that these men were unloving parents. Although as a Christian that does not allow me to turn a blind eye. In the nursing home where I volunteer I sat with some who have wept bitter tears on my shoulder for the choices they made when younger,it is not my place to judge a person's past.

I think what the nurse did was part of the answer, and part of the problem.
Her concern and action, starting with one person and finding the ability to care grow, was a most noble thing. This falls directly on us who belong to Christ's church. We are called to care for the least of our brothers and we can see many wonderful acts of kindness done throughout the world. I am proud to be associated with the work, but needless to say it needs to increase, because the need is great. Jesus said "pray for workers for the field is white unto harvest." The need is even greater today. We all know Mother Teresa began by helping one man, and then another, until today thousands are mercifully cared for. So, I see the solution within the Church and kind hearted people of all faiths. But, if Christ is the author of our labors, we will put the profits back into the work and resist the temptation to use them on ourselves. One cannot serve God and money, and when once money is selfishly used, it is no longer a work of God,it becomes a business, and the church is not in business.
I didn't want to write a book-- but you asked.
The principle we see throughout the Bible is to be faithful in little and God will give increase as we are able. If we are around like-minded people who can pool resources, so much the better, but either way, all journeys begin by taking one step.
May Christians world-wide tune their ears to hear God's cry through the poor.
That's my take on it,

Mel said...

Joseph, thank you for sharing this post, and Fred, thank you for sharing your thoughts. I've been thinking about this post a lot, and I really appreciate and agree with many of Fred's comments about it.

I am glad for God's blessings in the live of the nurse who started the home for the aged. I pray she'll be granted grace and wisdom to walk the balance between being faithful with the calling God has placed on her life and enjoying His blessings with humility and gratitude.

IceQueenvii said...

This made me bleed. It's a sad reality. I, myself, had lost the opportunity to take care of my parents, for what I lacked for my dad I'm now trying to make up for my mom. And I hope she feels how greatly I appreciate her, and my dad... if there's only a way to tell him now.

Yes, I know this is bigger than me. I hope in one or another we will realize things through others.

Thanks for sharing this.

MAYA said...

A life with noone is really dreadful na...U made me THink... Thanks...