Wednesday, July 9, 2008


This is Rajan, 45 years old. He is married and has two small children. He is working as a parking fees collector for the last 3 years with the GCDA and getting a salary of Rs.3000($60) per month. His wife is also working and getting a salary of Rs3ooo.

They are staying in a rented house and paying Rs1300 towards rent. His youngest son is in the UKG and the eldest son is in the 2nd standard. After paying the school fees, bus charges and electricity bill they have very little money to meet the day to day living expenses. They live very frugally. Their main aim is to educate their children well so that the children can have a better life.They want their children to become graduate engineers.

He has a keen sense of duty and loyal to his organization. He works from 7AM to 7PM -- a tiring 12 hours for the paltry salary. He looks famished. He told me that he was treated rudely by the car owners who come there to park their vehicles. He was hungry for a friendly gesture. When I started talking to him he became very excited and talkative. It looked as though he had not talked to a friendly stranger for many years. He was extremely happy to be photographed. He even promised to get me a free pass for the forthcoming International Cricket match.

It was an eye opener for me. For a little bit love, affection, attention and friendliness he was prepared to go to any extent to please me.



Mel said...

That is the love of Christ expressed in a tangible way, Joseph. Thank you for your kindness to Rajan. And thank you for telling us about him and his family, so that we can keep them in prayer, and so that we can be reminded to be thankful and faithful with the many blessings we enjoy.

Bless you!

Mary Powell said...

A world away I am awed by your comment to my own post (a first) and the incredible way to spread kindness in our world today. I have subscribed to your post to have a better understanding of life in your country, and plan to work on my own to make it better.

FCB said...

This is a great post joseph, your candid everyday short stories are an inspiration to me. To simply show yourself friendly and get such a positive response reminds me of the importance of simple kindness. There is much emphasis on kindness in the Bible, and this stories outcome must be why. I'm sure you both parted with lifted spirits.
May his children prosper and make their mark for the betterment of India.

Leo said...

A kindness to others is a kindness to self. Beyond that, however, I find more interest in the person who carries away my trash than in the person who carries away my money. Thanks for initiating and sharing this experience.

Mel said...

I feel great compassion for the people who have to do this kind of work. After all, someone has to do it, and many times they bear the brunt of the anger of the public, simply for doing their job. People wouldn't get tickets if they didn't park in the wrong places, forget to pay the meter, stay longer than allowed, etc.

I used to work as a telephone surveyor, and also as a teleophone salesperson, cold calling people's homes to try to sell them coupon books. What an excrutiatingly difficult, joyless job. But someone has to do it.

So I hope we'll all be able to be nice to our officers, parking or otherwise... They're doing the best with what they have, just like we all are. Joseph, thank you again for the kindness you showed to Rajan. I pray that many will follow your example.