Sunday, October 28, 2007

News Paper

I subscribe to three newspapers. I get up around 5.30 or 6 in the morning without an alarm clock, make a cup of tea and wait for the newspapers to be delivered at my door. Sitting on my sofa I can hear the papers being dropped. Normaly, young boys deliver the papers since they want to earn some money to meet their expenses without troubling their parents. The papers are usualy delivered arount 6.30 AM. If I don't get the papers at this time I get upset. I start pacing the hall up and down, open the door several times to see whether the papers have been dropped without my knowlege and even scold the boy when he comes late. I even threaten the news paper agent to cancel the subscription.I am not particulary interested in reading every thing in the paper. Mostly I scan through the headlines and see if there is anything worth reading. Whether I read the papers or not I must get them in time and that too at6.30 in the morning without fail. I detest holidays for newspapers. I feel uneasy,disturbed and that something is missing for the whole day.
People get addicted to so many things and I think I am addicted to newspaper.

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Mel said...

I'm addicted to blogging like you're addicted to newspapers. :)