Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Security Guard

To day I met a young man of 23 years working as a security guard in a branch of a huge company. He was a very pleasant young man with good behaviour. He was upset at the time I met him. When I asked him what was bothering him, he explained that he was scolded by the manager of the branch for doing double duty. He told me that he would quit the job that very moment but for the fact that he needed money to meet the operation expenses of his father who had a heart problem.
On probing further he told me that he has to put up with a lot of trouble to retain the job. For example the agency for which he was working had rented a house with three bed rooms , a hall and two toilets. There were 45 security guards living in that house. He can never sleep in the house because it was overcrowded and somebody or the other kept walking in and out of the house all the time in the night He had to get up at 3 in the morning so that he can shave, bathe etc and reach the workspot in time.
While we were talking there was a call from his father and it was time for me to go.

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Mel said...

I love how you are so free and so bold to begin conversations with anyone and everyone. That poor young man... It wouldn't happen here, or at least not frequently, and if it were found out about by the right people, it would be stopped. We have laws about everything, including that. (Overcrowded living conditions.)