Monday, October 29, 2007


Kerala State Electricity Board is a monpoly supplier of electricity in the State. The fluctuations in supply are so high that costly electrical equipments at home get damaged. Recently the mother board of my 29inch TV got burnt because of sudden high voltage. I had connected the TV to a UPS and yet I could not protect the TV. In the process the UPS also got damaged. I had to spend Rs.4000 to get a new mother board and a stabliser. The struggle I had with the TV manufacturer is another story. Will the Electricity Board compensated me? I lost so much money for no fault of mine. Besides,the frequent breakdown in electricity supply is very disturbing and annoying. Sometimes electricity is switched off 3 or 4 times in a day that you feel you are living in old stone age. None of the electrical appliances such as fan, fridge, Tv, mixie, iron box,electric bulb, computer etc. can be used. You feel helpless and nothing can be done. Nobody can be blamed because no one will take reponsibility and if you try to fix the responsibility on some one you will get into trouble. So just grin and bear it. Sometimes you should know how your ancestors lived.


Francis Xavier said...

Actually in many areas in Mumbai, Reliance is now providing electricity instead of the government. Since it's a private business, it's cheaper. Also, no powercuts (I haven't experienced even a single one in 6 months of living in Mumbai). It will probably take time, but such private companies will come up in other States as well, breaking the government's monopoly and bad service.

Mel said...

Has this unfortunate circumstance with the electricity changed at all since you wrote this post, Joseph? If not, I'm sure you must have invested in surge protectors or battery backups for your electronics? I'm so sorry that happened to you. :(