Friday, October 26, 2007


Today a private bus banged a car and was trying to drive away. The car driver chased the bus and brought it to a stop. The driver of the bus was saying that it was not his fault the bus banged the car because the bus cannot stop like a car suddenly on the spot but it always movers a little forward. Therefore the bus driver cannot be blamed for the accident. The car driver insisted that the bus driver should pay for the damages to the car and he asked for Rs.500 to repair the car. Finally after a lot of shouting, haggling and bargaining the bus driver pais Rs.300.
The bus drivers in Ernakulam are notorious for rash driving and causing fatal accidents. The police is incapable of controlling them. The Private Bus Association is very powerful and they can go on lightning strikes causing great difficulties for the travelling public.


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Mel said...

How sad. It kind of sounds like the driving conditions in Las Vegas. I've heard it said that one person per day (or maybe it was per week) dies or is injured by getting hit on the roads there. It's scary when organizations like the Private Bus Association have so much power and control that people are afraid to stand up to them. Has this improved at all since you wrote this?