Sunday, October 21, 2007

Rag picker

To day is mission Sunday.At the Church there was an aution sale of many useful items.I bought a framed picture with a prayer to the Guardian Angel.
On the way back I was surprised to note that a small shack where two old rag picker couple lived for years was no more. The stray dogs and cats which used to hang around the tiny shack were also missing. On enquiry I found out that the old man died three months ago and his wife also died few days back. I used to give my old clothes to this couple. Sometimes I gave them little money. I felt very sad. About a week ago while I was walking to the bus stop this old woman was there in front of me and I gave her Rs10 and she blessed me and muttered something. Of course she never asked me for money at anytime but I gave her of my own free will because I felt sorry for her. She was very poor but very hard working. When her husband was sick and unable to work, she used to get up early morning, collect various items thrown in the waste bins around the colony, sell them to the scrap merchnt, and with the money she used to cook food and feed the old man. The way side hotel owner said that she allways paid for what she bought.A proud poor woman who always held her head high and never complained of her miserable condition. May her soul rest in eternal peace.

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Mel said...

God has given you a special gift of noticing these people, Joseph. Your sorrow over the death of that couple and the absence of their little shack was like sweet insence to our Lord, I'm sure.