Saturday, October 20, 2007

Buying shares

Yesterday I went to the stock broker and purchased some shares @Rs.104 per share. After a few hours the share price went down to Rs.92 per share and in the procees I lost Rs12 per share in a matter of few hours. This was primarily because I listened to the adivice of a young man who had very little experience in stock market business and I bought the shares when the prices were going up. I did not use my common sense. I was carried away by the impulse that I should buy before the prices went very high. Nomaly you should buy when the prices are going down. Any way you have to learn from mistakes. There is a saying "ACT IN HASTE AND REPENT AT LEISURE"

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Mel said...

This is a very good lesson for us all to learn, Joseph. Many people are hesitant to share failures, and only want to share successes. But I learn so much better by making mistakes and learning from the mistakes of others. Thank you for sharing this.