Saturday, January 3, 2009


Whenever I enter a Church for the first time or whenever I watch the sun set, it is my habit to make three wishes.

New year started and I wanted to make three wishes. So I went to the backwaters of Kochi, sat on the parapet wall with my legs dangling over the water and watched the sun set over the Kochi harbor. As the sun went down slowly out of my sight I made my three wishes and felt very happy.

Darkness was descending upon Kochi. The cool breeze from the backwaters and the sound of the gentle waves banging against the wall of the parapet was making me drowsy. Suddenly I heard the cacophony of sounds from hundreds of birds coming back to roost in their nest. The sound was deafening and my drowsiness was gone. I listened.

I did not know whether the birds were making all that loud noise because they were happy to come back home or because they were calling their loved ones to come home fast or because they were trying to tell us people who were there to go home since it is becoming dark or they were praising GOD for the wonderful day they had. Can you enlighten me on this?

It was time for me to get out of my reverie and trudge my way towards home.

Oh! I am so sorry! I forgot to remind you! Did you make your three wishes?


FCB said...

Mmmm, you paint a delicious picture, "legs dangling over the water and watching the sunset.."
A great picture you paint. I suppose it is like an endless summer there, evening walks in shirt-sleeves are probably taken for granted by some; but it sounds like you have learned to never tire of God's spreading beauty.
Very inspiring,

Maria said...

Joseph, no, I did not read about that accident but I will keep my eyes open!
What happened to the tourist?

Maria said...

I just found a report about the accident with the fiaka horse coach
but it is in German. The driver of the coach was boozed, I don't know about the horses ;)- But how did this story get around the globe????

manivannan said...

Hello Sir,

Lovely post! I think it's really a nice time to make wishes. And loved all your reasons for birds making noises... So why bracket it to one? Many birds... Many sweet reasons :)

Beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Have a great weekend :)

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hello Maria :)

This incident was reported in The Hindu newspaper dated 3rd Jan.2009 under the heading A WILD RIDE THROUGH VIENNA. Since you are living there this news attracted my attention.

No one in the coach was injured. Thank God. The woman was 39 years old and her daughters were aged 10 and 7.

You be careful when you go for a ride in Fiaker :)

Have a wonderful day :)

Maria said...

Hahaha, a wild ride through Vienna!
Well, the horses went home on their usual way, even without their coachman! Funny, and thanks God nobody was hurt!

Rahul said...

Nice post, just wished if I had 3 more wishes to wish for...

JM said...

What a lovely text, Joseph!

Very impressive photos on your previous post! I don't even comment as the images say it all...

Femin Susan said...

I will wish for three things next time I enter the church.

Swarna said...

Who can remember to think when watching the sunset? Wishes can wait!
Very warm new year to you! (I write from a cold Delhi) :)

The Tile Lady said...

A beautiful post, and really great photos!


Shravan said...

is that marine drive ? good blog. will return back to here.

Bluebirdy said...

I just LOVE your blog! I love all the pictures. I feel as if I am there walking beside you. I didn't know Indians even ate an omelet with their hands! I knew there are many dishes that are eaten with pieces of prada bread to carry the food from the plate to your mouth, but that story about you in the restaurant asking for fork and knife, and getting a funny look...that was really interesting! You have a talent of taking what seems normal and everyday to people who live there...and pointing them out to the world, who may not of seen or heard of such customs! I will be visiting your blog often!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Fred made me feel as if i was there

Anonymous said...

Yes i agree with Fred

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hello David, greetings and good wishes.

Many thanks for your encouraging words.

Best wishes