Thursday, January 8, 2009


The above athletic championships are being held in the Maharaja stadium, Kochi.

In my school and college days, I was an athlete my self. I used to take part in beach and road races, 400,800 and 400 metres hurdles. But I lacked the dedication, determination and the killer instinct to excel.

The inaugural ceremony was a grand spectacle with pulsating music, mass drill and dance, march past and cultural extravaganza.

I am posting below some photos of the participants of this colorful pageantry. ENJOY.



Paul said...

Hi, Nice photographs and I am happy that U were a great athelet once.

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hi Paul :)

Many thanks. But remember I was only an ALSO RAN :)

Best wishes :)

Rahul said...

great artistic snaps u take !! which camera do you use??
Nice to hear ur athlete tag :)

Leo said...

It makes the heart smile to see the young and the beautiful, and to recall our own youth. Your photos capture that vibrancy and that memory. Thanks.

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hi Rahul :)

It is not any great camera worth mentioning.

Many thanks for your encouraging coments.

Best wishes :)

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hi Leo :)

I was thrilled to be there. I was transported to my wonderful younger days.

Best wishes :)

JM said...

Wonderful shots! Some of the outfits are awesome!

Thank you for telling me your story about the salty butter! I really enjoyed it, Joseph! :-)

The Tile Lady said...

Such beautiful children! What gorgeous costumes! I know this was a very exciting day for them all. I enjoyed your blog....thank you for coming by mine and commenting! I appreciate your comments! All my best for the coming year....

And I totally agree with your header comments! May God protect your country and people from another terrorist attack! We all felt so awful for you when it happened, and wish for better safeguards for you all.


FCB said...

Hi Joseph,
Wow, such color and pagentry!
It seems as everything is done with such granduer in India.
Everybody loves a parade.
What fun,

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hi JM :)

I used to be terribly naughty when I was young :)

Hi Marie :)

I am delighted with your visit and honored by your lovely comments.

Hi Fred :)

You are a source of motivation and encouragement for me :)

SkyJuice said...

Hi Joseph,

I used to run when I was in school too. I did 4X100m and cross–country running. I wasn't a great athlete, and my mum didn't allow me to participate in many co–curricular activities for fear that those would affect my studies.

I was rather musically–inclined, and have performed in a Muslim choir on national TV many years ago. The former King and Prime Minister were in the audience. Those were the days! :-)

manivannan said...

Hello Sir :)

First let me thank you for your highly appreciative and generous comment in my blog. I feel honoured.

Nice photographs here...catches the festivity mood... Seems, you were carried away to your school days :)

Have a wonderful time!

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hi Skyjuice:)

I am glad to know a fellow athlete.
Athletics was my passion but some how I did not really succeed except a few certifiats and medals.

I am truly impressed with your musical talent. It is a truly great achievement to have a king and prime minister in the audience.

Best wishes :)

Hello Mani :)

I greatly appeciate your comments.

Best wishes :)

Femin Susan said...

Very glad to know you are an athlete. I had tried a lot to excell in athletics.But only sport i can do well is basketball

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hi Susan :)

Basketball is also an excellent sports. The only difference is that athletics is an individual sports where as basketball is a team sports.

I am glad to know you tried your hand at athletics.

Best wishes :)

Swarna said...

JP, you transported me back to school days too.
Perhaps you can dwell on the amazing performance of Kerala schools in the National inter-school sports meets? Absolutely no competition from other states.
The cultural show was rich, from what we could make out from news coverages. Thanks for sharing this first-hand account.