Thursday, January 22, 2009


This Basilica is located in market road, Kochi. When I am in the vicinity, I go to pray here and ask for favors. Sometimes when I am not in a mood to pray, I sit here quietly to soak in the calm, peaceful atmosphere which gives me an immense calm feeling and serenity of mind.

I am posting some photos.. You can pray if you want or just enjoy the beauty of the place.

Oh yes, I nearly forgot! You can make your three wishes!


JM said...

Interesting architecture, very different from our churches.

FCB said...

Hi Joseph,
What breath taking beauty, fit for the King of Kings. The architecture is beautiful but the paintings inside, such grandeur!
Thanks for this regal tour.
God bless,

Leo said...

Very peaceful photo visit. Thanks.

Femin Susan said...

i have not gone to this church.hope your thoughts are fulfilled.
may god bless you:!

magicpolaroid said...

hello joseph, yes i go too in the church not only for pray but quietly to soak in the calm, peaceful atmosphere which gives me an immense calm feeling and serenity of mind.
ciao, Luis


A beautiful picture post. What a wonderful atmosphere the pictures present, so serene and peaceful.

LJEANH said...

Hi Joseph...this is a beautiful church. It is always interesting to see how something as basic as a Catholic Church is influenced by different cultures. Mother Mary holding the infant Jesus in a Lotus flower...this is unique for us in America. The colors used in the paintings are vibrant and yet soothing. Thanks for sharing this church with us...Laura

Kitty Cheng said...

beautiful architecture and pictures. Makes me want to go there in person and visit.

Kitty Cheng said...

Very beautiful pictures indeed! Makes me want to come in person and visit.

Mel said...

Wow, Joseph, such beautiful pictures! Thank you for taking them and posting them. Someday I would love to go there with you to pray. But since that probably will not happen, I'll just close my eyes and pretend I am there. Isn't the imagination a WONDERFUL thing?

I have been looking forward to catching up on your blog for a whole month. It feels like coming home. :)

God bless you! Have an awesome day!


Mark said...

Wow, what a stunningly beautiful church, Joseph. It must be amazing praying there!

I have to say, whenever I see Catholic churches constructed with art that truly reflects the style of their surrounding culture, I am always impressed by the beauty and power of such work. Your photos here are a great testament to that. What stunning art!

The Tile Lady said...

What gorgeous artwork! A lovely place indeed! I really enjoyed the photos!

Thanks so much for your comments about Penny on my blog. Yes, our friends are very special. They are taking great care of her. She is a Rhodesian Ridgeback, and a very special member of our family, so we do miss her a lot.

All my best--


Bluebirdy said...

Joseph, did you notice how similar your last name is to the name on the dedication stone? "Joseph Parecattil" and you, Joseph Pulikotil. If someone Asian, who could gets their "R"s and "L"s mixed up were to say both names, they would sound the same. It makes me wonder if there is a connection. I know in India, people are given names differently than on this continent. The children do not usually take the last name of the father, and many who change faiths take on a new name to suit that new faith. Is that what you did? Did you convert to Christianity and take on this name, or was it your birth name? Any connection to the Cardinal? Did you choose this name because of your admiration for the Cardinal?
Even the murals inside show beliefs different than the average Catholic beliefs. The architecture and murals are just amazing! Maybe I missed it. How old is this church? Do you know?

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hi Shiela :)

Many thanks for your queries.

I belong to generations of Christians. If you will recall St. Thomas, disciple of Jesus, brought Christianity to India in the year 52 A D. As far as I know, my grandfather was a Christian and my father was a Christian and I was automatically baptized as a Christian.

Pulikotil is a HOUSE (family) name. It is the same name used by my grand father and probably his father. My children are also baptized as Christians and they carry the house name PULIKOTIL.

My full name is JOSEPH THOMAS PULIKOTIL. THOMAS is my father’s name.

Parekattil is a different house name and we have no connection.

This church is 32 years old. This is one of the main churches belonging to the Syrian Catholic Community.

Most churches here adapt to Indian customs to give them a local identity.

Best wishes :)

Bluebirdy said...

Thanks Joseph! You get more interesting every time I write to you!
Blessings, Sheila