Thursday, January 15, 2009


Hello Friends,


Let’s go for a walk in a park. Walking is good for health and is prescribed by doctors for most ailments.

In the heart of Kochi, we have a lovely park. It is called Subhash Bose Park. It is named after our famous freedom fighter, Subhash Chandra Bose. While Mahatma Gandhi was organizing a non violent movement to get freedom, Subash was raising an army to fight the British which never materialized because he died in an air crash.

Here are some beautiful spots in the Park for your visual treat.

I hope a brisk walk will become part of your daily routine.


SkyJuice said...

Hi Joseph,

I love walking. I'd walk anywhere (within reasonable distance) and for as long as I can. Hope you're always healthy so you can continue walking.

Thanks for sharing and have a nice day! :-)

Paul said...

Hi JPC, Nice photographs. I felt, I was walking in the park. But U missed the scenaries of backwaters from the park. ThanX.

Rahul said...

great pics..beautiful greenery..a feast for the eyes and lungs :)

Danielle&Hannah said...

Hi Joseph, I am about to upload some photos! I would love you to see them and see a small snippet of this side of the world. We are in Summer and it was 38 degrees centigrade here today... hot! I wish you and your family all the very best!

Danielle & Hannah

Femin Susan said...

i haven't gone to subash chandra bose park.there are a lot of parks in that area.i have gone to children's park several times.
thanks for shoeing the park.

Leo said...

Good city planning to have parks for people to rest their senses and get exercise -- and to take and share nice pictures. Thanks!

Cove Girl said...

Thanks for the comment.

I don't really have a plan for deciding what words I'll learn. Just whenever I hear a new one. Normally I'm a very methodical person, and my blog is sort of anti-methodical. I don't want to put myself into a trap of having to find something if it doesn't suit my fancy.


Lovely photos.Is the last on that of a bougainvilla pretending to be a tree?

I am not much of a walker. My husband walks a lot, I just talk.

FCB said...

Hi Joseph, I just love it when you are on the move with your camera. The park is beautiful and I felt like I could almost smell the fragrance of the lush blossoms. That play yard with the very high ladder with children playing on it made me a bit squimish, very high!
I would have loved it as a boy.
Thanks for the tour,

Maria said...

Hi Joseph,
thank you for your visit and your sweet comment!
I enjoyed the walk through Subhash Bose Park with its beautiful flowers and trees. Thank you for sharing!
Have a nice weekend!

J P Joshi said...

Beautiful photographs and a lovely park. Kochi seems to be a good place OR is it that you can capture the beauty of any thing that at least I seem to miss out on in my day to day life.

Bluebirdy said...

Hello Joseph;
YOUR BLOG IS GREAT!!! The garden is beautiful, and in India, the ironing man might be an invisible person, but it is so different than anything we would see in our world, that he has become a fascinating attraction when you show his story and pictures on the computer. That is a HUGE iron. There are smaller ones that are lighter. Maybe those would make his health better. I wonder if he burns himself very often.
I want to thank you for your very touching comments on my blog.
THANK YOU VERY GRACIOUSLY Joseph! I tried and tried to get the comment box on my site to finally work so I could respond to your comment, and finally it worked! I decided to also leave the message on your blog in case you didn't sign up for follow-ups to the comment you left. I actually do too much complaining and venting, but I'm glad you caught a post that was not filled with all the usual complaints. I think that knowing which problems "are of not consequence" comes with age and experience. The younger you are, the smallest problems seem so intense, because the child or young adult has never dealt with it before, but as we deal with more and more serious situations, we realize that all things work out in the end, and we mellow out, and tend to know which things really do matter in eternity, and which ones do not matter. So nice to sort of meet you! I'll come visit your blog now. You are the third Christian friend I know in India. One lives near the place where the Hindus are keeping Christians in a concentration camp and they are not even safe inside there. The guards torture them.
Bless you. Keep the faith!

CIELO said...

Hi Joseph... is so good to see you again at the house in the roses... I'm glad you're doing great... love the buganvillea tree... ;)


Mark said...

Great photos, and thanks for providing a little history lesson too! Always interesting to hear about patriot-leaders from other places in the world. One of the great commonalities between the United States and India is that we have both thrown the British out, while benefiting a great deal from British culture.

SWAMIDAS said...

Hi freind (Sir),

I aggreed that u catch the park in a pretty mannar ,but u don't catch the irresponsiblility of our officials .did u notice that there may be venomous snakes and other hazardous parts of it then only the complete

PixelShots said...

nice place in cochin to be in during freetime..likes to be in subhash park of cochin

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