Monday, June 30, 2008


This post is for tagging some fantastic blogs written by wonderful people.

The idea was suggested by AMBER DAWN who is a dashing, dynamic person full of energy and vitality.Her enthusiasm is contagious.She is extremely talented and she creates marvellous things. Each of her creations is a work of art and a masterpiece.Incidentally, she is taller than me and therefore I have to look up to her.

The following are three unimportant things about me:
1) I love the outdoor work and get fed up and sick if I have to sit in the house for a few days.
2)I have trained several young men just out of college to sell weighing machines. Some of them have become big shots.
3) I always wanted to write a book on salesmanship but so far it did not materialise.

I am tagging the following three useful and informative blogs:

FRED writes things that are thought provoking and useful for nourishing the soul and strenthening it. All of us know the quote which says: WHAT DOES IT PROFIT A MAN IF HE GAINS THE WHOLE WORLD BUT SUFFER THE LOSS OF HIS OWN SOUL.

CIELO is an expert in roses and she has a garden which is a paradise on earth. You can visit it when you are happy, when you are sad, when you are disillusioned, when you are disappointed, when you are succesful and when you have failed. You will be inspired and uplifted.

LEO writes about things which most of us overlook in our daily rush life.
Therefore, there is all the more reason why we should pause and take a look at his blog. He lives in a peaceful, calm place where life flows smoothly without the traffic snarls. pollution and concrete monstrosities.

Please click on the NAMES to visit the amazing blogs.



Mel said...

What an AWESOME idea! All three of the blogs you listed are well worth the visit, and one of them (Fred's) is a much-valued part of my daily life.

Your blog is great, too! I check it several times per week, and really appreciate the glimpse it gives into life in India.

Bless you, Brother. :)

FCB said...

This is a good idea. Like Mel, I too, visited the other blogs, and happen to love to flower garden, thank you Cielo; and would love to live in a small country town, thank you Leo; and there is a creative side to me that appreciates hand made crafts, especially vintage items, thank you Amber Dawn.
And of course, a visit with you Joseph, for words of wisdom and your delightful tours of India.
Many thanks,

inventivesoul said...

You did very good for your post!
Your son helped you?
Thank him for us!

Thank you also for your sweet and too generous comments about me.
I had a very good laugh when I read that you look *up* to me!

You are very kind.
I will look at the other blogs right now...

CIELO said...

Good morning Joseph.... so nice reading and learning more about yourself.... you're always so kind.

Blessings to you and yours


Leo said...

My gtandchildren who lovingly call me "weird one" say I shouldn't be encouraged. Joyfully, Joseph doesn't agree. Thanks.