Wednesday, June 11, 2008


These are poor, dirty, Adivasi men. They were earning their lively hood by selling forest produce such as honey, parrots, monkeys, medicinal plants etc. Since they find that profession difficult to continue, they have come down to towns to eke out a living. These are illiterate men but they have found out an ingenious way to earn some money in the jungle called city.

They have a stick to which a magnet is attached to one end. They walk and hold the magnet a little above the ground. All iron pieces such as rusty nails etc. lying on the road stick to the magnet. They collect these iron pieces in a tin which they carry. They collect 7 to 8 kilos of iron pieces every day which will fetch them about Rs.100( $2) a day.

The only difficulty with this mode of work is that they have to walk 8 to 10 kilometres every day. The elderly man was telling me that his young friend was not happy to walk such long distances every day. I gave Rs.10 to the young man for them to have some tea and told him God has given him two good legs to walk and walking is good for health. The elderly man looked very happy at my motivational talk.



Joana said...

Does the word 'Adivasi' refer to a region or to all people selling forest products? You were very kind and generous. It's very important to take the time to connect with people, even if strangers, even if only once. It can make such a difference to our days.

Howie Dee said...

Inspirational. The human spirit constantly leaves me at a lost for words. Great post.

FCB said...

I like the ambition of these men. I'm afraid some in the US might be tempted to give up and look for a hand out; but these men adapted a tool and have found a way to survive. I'm glad they ran into you to encourage them on. Maybe tomorrow they will find something of great value. I hope so.

girl_gone_thread_wild said...

I just had to stop in to say a huge thank you for the b-day wishes. My day was exceptional thanks to you all who stopped in. :)

Great, inspirational post! You always lift our spirits and initiate good will with each post..


CIELO said...

Somethings in this world make my heard cry.

Now, something more cheerful: The House in the Roses is having a garden party and would love to see you participate.... come see!

A blessed weekend to you!


Leo said...

Have we ever wondered what WE would do if our comfortable livlihood was no longer ours?

Mel said...

It just goes to show you, where there's a will, there's a way. Praise God for the example these men are setting of perserverance, tenacity and hard work. May God's joy and peace be multiplied to them.