Thursday, June 26, 2008


This is MARGARET. Her husband's name is Xavier. They have two married sons. The younger son and his wife are staying with Margaret. The eldest son is working in the Gulf and his wife is with him.
Margaret has a wayside snack parlor and her husband is running a welding shop behind the parlor. He helps her to run the business.. She opens the parlor at 9AM. and closes it at 8PM. She makes very good chapatti and chicken curry. The chappattis( made of wheat dough ) are extraordinarily soft.
When customers come in groups she is not able to keep proper account. As a result some go away without paying.

A young boy comes to the parlor with his friends. He is from a poor family. While his friends have a good feast, he sits there drinking a soda and watching them. Some times she calls him when he is alone and gives him chappattis and chicken curry free.

She makes it a point to know her customers well and gives a good word to every one. She is very cheerful. She has a high level of energy and enthusiasm for her work.

She is religious. She says the ROSARY two times a day -- once in the parlor during the day and once at 10.30 in the night when she is very tired and just before going to sleep.

She has no ambition to become a prime minister or president. She doesn't want to become a superstar. She doesn't want to become very rich and famous. All that she wants is to lead a quiet, peaceful life without hurting anybody and earn some money doing something useful to people.




FCB said...

Joseph, when my wife finished reading this blog she said,"Sounds like my kind of place to go and my kind of people."
I agree, I admire the things you said about her. Tell her hello and give her a big 'God bless you' from me.

Leo said...

I am so glad the little boy has a Mrs. Margaret who will always be with him. I have a Miss Mattie who was likewise kind and loving to me when I was growing up. I love her to this day! Bless you Mrs. Margaret!

girl_gone_thread_wild said...

Now don't you just LOVE it when you meet someone who adores their job as she does...


Sadly this ART form is going lost to the wind.

But, Mrs. Margaret really restores my belief in the practice. What a jewel she & you are.

~Monica :)

carylsrealm said...

How fabulous to meet her! What a grand idea to promote her world! Thanks for sharing!