Sunday, May 25, 2008


One boss told me, "Save for the rainy day!". I didn't save. See, I am poor. The fact is did I have enough money left to save with the cost of living going up like hell and with the piddly salary I was getting to support a family with three children. That is another question.
Another boss said to me,"Don't respect grey hairs. Respect young thinking!" My hairs are grey now. Who will respect me? I think I should dye my hair jet black.But what about the wrinkles on my face? Do a plastic surgery, I suppose.
Yet another boss screamed at me,"I knew you will mess it up even before I sent you there!" Then why did he send me in the first place? He is very clever because if he had to go there he would have messed it up himself.
There was another boss who yelled at me,"I know you are good in sales but I will see to it that you are out of the company!" He was annoyed because I didn't lend my car to his wife for shopping.
Then there was a boss who said to me when I went to wish him for the new year with my family," I don't have tea or coffee or snacks. You can have as much whisky as your want and eat any amount of cake and cashewnuts." You see, he was stocking up these things in his house out of the company's money which was supposed to be spent for giving new year's gifts to important customers. He thought I didn't know about it.


Slender Octopus said...

I found this post very amusing! Definately no need to dye your hair black (although I am sure it would look stunning!) and no need for surgery.

Not sure that some of those quotes were from wise bosses afterall :)

Stay well,


Selerines said...

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Selerines said...

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Joana said...

Why would you want to disguise the grey hairs? What do you wish to hide?