Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Here are three cases in which thieves walked off with their booty although the places were crowded and it was broad day light. In one case I was the victim.
FIRST STORY: I was traveling by train from Chennai to Calcutta to attend the annual Sales Managers Conference. The train stopped at Visakapatnam Junction. I was sitting in the First Class compartment with co-passengers. Opposite me a lady was sitting. She was traveling alone. Since the train halted she was idly looking out of the window. Her hand bag was at her side unprotected. A well dressed young man came, sat next to her and started talking to her. The way he was talking to her we thought he was her relative. We paid no attention to them and were busy ordering for tea and snacks. I saw the young man telling her something to the effect that her relative was on the station looking for her. So she started looking out of the window again. In the meanwhile the whistle blew, the train started moving and started to slowly gather momentum. The woman was still looking out of the window. The young man took her bag very casually, walked up to the door and jumped out of the moving train. Although we saw this we did not suspect the young man of robbery since we presumed he was her relative. The woman was still looking out of the window searching for her relative. Soon the train picked up speed and left the station. After a while the woman stretched her hand to take bag. The bag was not there. She turned to the place where she kept the bag. Suddenly she started to scream, "my bag, my bag! Where is my bag? Did any of you see my hand bag?" We told her that her relative took it. She started wailing, "He is not my relative. He robbed my bag. Oh, what will I do now. I had money, my ticket and a gold chain in that bag. What will I do now? What will I do?" She was crying inconsolably. We tried to pacify her. On hearing the commotion, the ticket checker came there. When he was appraised of the robbery, he advised her to get down at the next station and register a complaint with the Railway Police. He told us that such robberies regularly take place. The robbers are well dressed and they look like gentlemen. They are smooth talkers. It is difficult to catch them because they commit the robbery when the train starts moving and jump out of the speeding train with their booty.
We felt foolish and very stupid to let the robbery take place right in front of us. When you travel by public transport be wary of strangers talking to you and keep a close watch on your belongings.
The remaining two stories will follow. Bye, till then.
If you have similar real life stories, I will be delighted to hear them.



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Thank you for the affection and words of praise, always doing something very special in which people feel good. I have it here forever. unfortunately I do not know write and speak English, but I can translate. there are no borders for friendships. God is with kisses.