Friday, May 30, 2008


People who are loaded with money can buy any thing they want without batting an eyelid. But normal people who have limited money at their disposal should carefully consider the following points before buying an expensive equipment:

1) Do I really need this product?
2) Can I do without it?
3) What is likely to happen if I don't buy it now?
4) Am I making an impulse purchase just to show off to my friends and neighbours?
5) Can I use the money for some more important thing needed in the house?
6) Have I studied the features and benefits of the product?
7) Have I compared this product with two or three other similar products?
8) Is the price comparable or too high?
9) Have I got the opinions of others who are using this product?
10) Do I need all the features of the product?
11) If some features can be removed will the price come down?
12) If I delay the purchase for some months will the price come down?
13) What is the guarantee for the product?
14) What does the guarantee involve---free replacement of the product or replacement of parts only or only repairs?
15) Will free service be provided during the guarantee period?
16) Is the service facility close by?
17) Will you get spare parts easily?
18) Do you have ready cash or are you going to take a loan?
19) If you are taking a loan what will be the interest charges?
20) If you are taking a loan, can you pay it back without much trouble?

I agree there are too many points to consider. But remember you are going to spend your hard earned money and you should not regret after making the purchase.

I am giving these guidelines free of charge. If they are useful while making an important purchase, I hope you will send me a note of thanks.


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Joana said...

Being a little consumeristic for my liking, I particularly like the first two questions. With the exception of food, I am certain that my answer would always be 'no'. Why then such do we get 'want' these 'things'? I do feel sometimes, that my life would be much richer if I had less.