Monday, May 26, 2008


The other day I was standing at the entrance of our building and looking idly at the empty road. As I was looking an elderly man wearing clean clothes, chappals and spectacles holding an umbrella came slowly walking down the road. He seemed to be taking one painful step after another painful step. His full concentration was on the road. He seemed to be avoiding the pot holes and stones on the road. The entire process of walking looked very agonising. I was telling myself that this is what happens when you grow old. What about my present health condition?

My wandering mind immediately transported me to my younger days. I took part in road and beach races. I could run 10 miles non stop from Labour Statue to San Thome and come back. I went cycling with my friends from Thousand Lights to St. Thomas Mount, ran up and down the hill many times and came back cycling. I attended the Republic Day Parade at New Delhi after training and stringent selection in various Camps in Chennai, Kottagiri and Red Hills. I represented our college in 800 meters and 400 meters hurdles. I went to the gim and did weight training. I swung on the roman rings and worked out on parallel bars and horizontal bar. I used to go to the swimming pool on weekends with my friends and float on my back for an hour or more.

Then what happened. I got a job and stopped doing exercise. I had plenty of money or at least I imagined that. I ate well, drank well and did every thing in excess. Even if I didn't feel like eating, I overloaded my tummy because the company was footing the bill. I will not even walk a short distance because I had a motorcycle and subsequently a car. I read some where that if you can sit,don't stand and if you can lie down,don't sit. I adopted this policy to the hilt. What was the benefit? I developed diabetes and I didn't even bother about it until it became quite serious. I got aches and pains in my body. Now I have reached a stage where I cannot even walk continuously at a fast pace even for five minutes. I have to pause to get back my breath. My body was like a well oiled machine before and now it has become rusty and creaking under my weight. Have you heard of the saying, "USE IT OR LOSE IT." Don't you think I am a glaring example?

As these thoughts were going on in my mind, the old man slowly and painfully walked to the end of the road and disappeared round the corner. I came back to my house, put on the TV and slowly drifted into a deep slumber. God is there to look after all creatures both big and small. What do you say?


girl_gone_thread_wild said...

In my twenties I was enjoying weekly the hike up a mountain and journey down a beaten path. In my thirties I'm seeing how the motivation is slowly dwindling. My question is how to get that motivation back? !!! You are right, life moves fast and TIME takes from us the "want" of exercise if we let it. I'm certainly finding inspiration in your writings to GET GOING. Perhaps this week I'll go out and buy that bike I've been wanting or those running shoes I've been meaning to purchase. Or better yet, maybe I'll just slip on my old ratty shoes and GO ON A WALK. Thank you for stopping in to meet my oma who is a great inspiration to our lives as you have been to mine today. Now, let's get some EXERCISE shall we? ~Monica :)

mundo a fora said...


Paul Sears Photography said...

Great insight! I've been having back pain, and exercise/stretching is the only thing that makes it better.

Joana said...

Yes - 'use it or lose it'. Like all tools/skills if neglected will become rusty. Your body is your temple. Having said this I do not treat mine with the respect it deserves. I remember visiting my mother in Hong Kong one Summer and being amazed at how every single day these elderly people would go to the football pitch and do their morning exercise. Rain or shine. I was in awe.