Saturday, May 17, 2008


When children are small they are innocent, they trust you completely and they don't go by how you look. They want to play with you, laugh with you, follow you, ride piggy back on you, sit on your shoulders, and the smallest faces you make sends them into peals of laughter. In fact, their whole world revolves around you. They will even write letters to Father Christmas and give them to you for posting. When they come back from mid-night Mass, they will run around the house searching for their gifts. Whey they find their gifts, the excitement and screaming is unbelievable. They are ever ready to come with you whether you go for a walk or a park or to a restaurant or even to your office as long as they can be with you. When you go to your office in the morning, they will cling tight to you and will refuse to let you go and sometimes cry so badly that you feel like shedding tears. When you come back from office, they will come running to you ready to help you to carry your briefcase and their joy to see you back is boundless. You can tell them the silliest stories and they will listen to you with rapt attention and ask for more similar stories. Small gifts will make them very excited.
What happens to them when they grow up? They develop a mind of their own. They have a separate identity. They have their own friends and interests. They will not hold your hands. Even if you call them they will not come with you. If you say something they will disagree with you. They will even tell you that you don't know any thing. I am fully aware that nature makes them like this when they grow up because they have to survive in a tough competitive world.
Oh, my God, what happened to my little children? I struggled so hard to bring them up. I made so many sacrifices to provide for them. I was so happy with them. Will I ever get my little children back?


Howie Dee said...

i feel people never really grow up. my son is 13 and still does things he did when he was smaller. although he doesn't listen with that wonder in his eye as much. your perspectives are invaluable, thanks for sharing! keep the good times close.

Joana said...

Very touching Joseph. Everybody's experience is different I suppose, but with my father it took honest communication for things to be better with us. These honest words caused a lot of tears and anger at first. Then a lot of time passed and things are easier between us now. Things are not perfect, but I am so much happier now to be more able to say that I have a father. I hope your children reach out to you, somehow.
Thank you for your kind and thoughful words.