Thursday, August 28, 2008


The moment U R in TENSION

U will lose your ATTENTION

Then U R in total CONFUSION

And U’ll feel IRRITATION

This may spoil your personal RELATION

Ultimately, U won’t get COOPERATION

And get things into COMPLICATION

Then U may raise CAUTION

And U have to take MEDICATION

Why not try understanding the SITUATION

And try to think about the SOLUTION

There is no other OPTION

Many problems can be solved by DISCUSSION

Which will work out better in your PROFESSION

This is a free SUGGESTION

It is only for your PROTECTION

If U understand my INTENTION

U will never get into TENSION

This is the CONCLUSION


(This useful information was given to me by my friend GANESH working in the HR DEPARTMENT of Apollo Tyres Ltd.)


Mel said...

You're right, Joseph, it is useful information. Useful and true. You post about the 5 S's was very helpful, too. I've been trying to apply those principles at my job and have probably seen at least a 30% increase in productivity.

Your blog has great balance to it. Thank you for the time you invest in it.

God bless you! :)


Howie Dee said...

Great post Joseph, I needed to read this one today!

shri ramesh sadasivam said...

Nice poem. I read it with a smile. :)