Sunday, August 24, 2008


The other day I was getting late for my job. I was in a hurry. I went to the stand to pick up my projector. There was a cable going round the projector. This cable was attached to the spike. To the spike, my second son, Angelo, had connected his mobile for charging. I thought that I can take the projector without touching the cable. However, when I lifted the projector the cable was pulled and the spike came crashing down. To my horror the mobile which was connected to spike also fell down and it was badly damaged beyond repair.

Now a new mobile has to be bought and the inconvenience to my son. No doubt my son will be upset at my clumsiness. I could have easily disconnected the cable and lifted my projector. Then this calamity would not have happened and the needless expense of buying a new mobile could have been avoided. When will I learn?


FCB said...

Hi Joseph,
Ouch, I hate it when I do that! I can't count the times but for a little more patience I would have saved myself time and money. Reminds me of the saying - but for the lack of a nail the horseshoe was lost, for lack of the horseshoe the rider was lost, for lack of the rider the battle was lost", something like that.

I notice in the picture below the beautiful pink lilies in full bloom that the buses are packed full and lines waiting. I suspect the busfare is very reasonable like here?
God bless,

Leo said...

But think of your son, who will be able to practice patience, forgiveness and love for his father. Sometimes being a good father sneaks up on us when we least expect it. Perhaps both you and your son will come to enjoy this blessing.

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hello Fred!

The bus fares are quite reasonable and many people use bus as a normal mode of transport. Many peopl have mortorcycles and cars but they still prefer to use public bus for commuting to work. The only problem is that during peak hours travelling by bus is quite a tedious affair. BEST WISHES!

Hello Leo!

Everything has a good side and a bad side. Thanks for letting me see the positive side.HAVE A GOOD DAY!