Saturday, August 30, 2008


Here are some sample musical instruments used in Kerala .. The sound is loud and ear shattering. But it has a lovely beat and pulsating rhythm. You can dance with gay abandon. No steps, no rules, nothing. These music instruments are played in public processions, festivities, political meetings, shop inaugurations etc. I understand that the name of this music is SINGARA MELAM meaning beautiful sound. Can you see the beauty in the sound?


FCB said...

Hi Joseph, one of the things I enjoy about your blog is how you expose the riches of your culture. I am always eager to see what you will post next, this one is no exception.
God bless,

Leo said...

It is SOOOO nice to make music and to dance in only the moment -- with abandon. We should do more of it as we get older.

MiniMesha said...

THat is soo cool! You have some awsome stuff in your life!!!

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hi Analee!

Many thanks for visiting my blog and posting your comment.

You have not made any provision to comment on your posts. Although I can read your blog I am unable to comment on it. Is it because you don't want anyone to comment or is it just an oversight?

Wish you all the best!