Tuesday, December 25, 2007


A few days back I went to ICICI BANK on MG ROAD to cash a cheque. As I entered the air conditioned bank, a security guard with a rifle on his shoulder asked me what I want and I told him I want to cash a cheque. Immediately a lady staff appeared at my side, took out a print out of my token number, gave it to me and requested me to sit pointing out to a row of chairs.
I sat down and looked around. The bank was fully air conditioned and a lady cleaner was wiping the already shining floor. The bank appeared to work efficiently. They were smartly dressed. The manager was sitting in a closed cabin. He had a noticeably big stomach. I thought he must be paid well and must be eating and drinking well. Ofcourse, he was not exercising. He appeared to be busy. He opened one drawer and closed it with a bang. Then he opened another drawer and again closed it with a bang. Then he shifted some papers from one side of the table to the other side of the table. He again shifted some papers from the other side to this side. Then peered out of the glass partitioned cabin. After some time came out of the cabin, mumbled some thing to the lady sitting outside and walked out of the bank with his big stomach. As I watched all this drama played by the manager 10 minutes of my time had alreadly elapsed sitting inside the bank doing nothing.
I then shifted my at attention to the calling of the token number. There was a metallic sound and a token number will appear on the CRT monitor. The customer with that number will go to the counter. I watched this for quite some time. The whole process appeared to be very efficient. I passed some more time watching the CRT monitor and admiring all the new generation banks. Another 10 minutes passed. My token number was not appearing on the monitor.
I was getting impatient. 20 minutes have passed and my I was not being called. I have been to many banks in my life time and I have never waited so long to cash a cheque. I looke at my watch again and 30 minutes had passed. Something snapped inside me. I became furious. I went straight to the MAY I HELP YOU counter and told loudly to the man that I have wasted 30 minutes inside the bank for cashing a cheque and I demanded to know the reason. He told me to go to one of the cash counter and ask. I went to the nearest counter and repeated the same thing very loudly. All the bank customers were looking at me. The cashier took my token and gave the cash without a word. I said thank you and walked out briskly.

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skyjuice7 said...

I'd be miffed as well. Not even a word of apology from the staff? Preposterous!