Sunday, December 16, 2007


A few years back, I wanted to buy an LCD PROJECTOR. After going through the literature of many brands, I finaly decided to buy PHILIPS PROJECTOR. They had indicated that the lamp in the projector will work for 6000 hours while other companies like Sony, Hithachi, Cannon, Ask, Panasonic etc. assured that their lamps will work for only 3000 to 4000 hours. Based on the written assurance by the multinational company PHILIPS, I bought twoprojectors at a very high price.
To my shock the lamps of both the projectors worked only for about 1000 hours. The dealer said that he could not help me in any way because the warranty is only for 3 months or 500 hours which ever is earlier. I was absolutely helpless. How can I fight a multinational company in a court of law because I didn't have the resources. So I coughed up Rs.54000 and replaced both the lamps.
Once again the replaced lamp of one PHILIPS projector stopped working just after 1000 hours. Actually there is a cracking sound and smoke comes out of the projector and you know the lamp is gone.
Now I don't want to replace the lamp at high cost of Rs.27000. I want to buy another projector not from PHILIPS but from some other company which will not make preposterous promises to hood wink gullible buyers. I was explaining my bad experience to a salesman of another dealer. He told me that PHILIPS took me for a jolly good ride. He asked me whether I will believe a company which advertised a car that will run for 45 km. per litre whereas other companies advertised their cars will run for only 15 or 18 km. per litre.

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