Thursday, January 3, 2008


I read about passive smoming. I heard about passive smoking. However, recently I had the opportunity of experiencing passive smoking. A medical company hired my lcd projector for 3 days and I was asked to be in the conference hall during the meeting to help them with the projector. There were 70 delegates and almost all of them were chain smokers. I am a non smoker. There was so much smoke in the room that I had to go out every now and then to escape suffocation. However, I deveoped a cough and it became very bad. I started coughing continuously and it looked like I was having TB. The cough was persistent and I suffered for more than 3 weeks. Then slowly it subsided and I wonder what damage the smoke must have done to my lungs and my health in general. I suffered very badly and I hope others will take a lesson out of my eperience.

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rema said...

I totally agree - passive smoking is equally worst. I too had few experiences in train, bus, station etc. It is suffocating. One gets choked. I automatically start coughing. It is very bad for health. Smokers should realise this.