Monday, October 12, 2009


His name is Masood. He is a Muslim. Both his hands and legs are crippled and he cannot bend his elbows and knees. He is nicely shaved with a neat hair cut. He is wearing clean clothes. He is an artist. His sailor father passed away. His mother is working as a servant. His one sister is married. He is living in Thoppumpady and comes to Fort Kochi by auto since he can’t walk and sit in a bus.

The one most remarkable feature about this man is his love for life. He talks very interestingly, he laughs easily, comfortable with himself, he is very friendly, he knows some English, Spanish and Italian and he has a gift for drawing.

This is how he draws.

These are his lovely drawings.

He told me very cheerfully that he is not begging like many other handicapped people. He sells his drawings to people and they pay him generously. He says he is better than many other handicapped people who don’t even have hands and feet. He has seen such people drawing with their teeth. He thanks God profusely for giving him hands and legs although he can’t use them like normal people.

He has acted in bit roles in Malayalam movies like Hollywood and Big B. He laughs and says that he was not paid much for acting.

I did not buy his drawing but gave him RS.50 which he accepted with a big smile and thanked me.

This is how he holds the Rs.50 note.

Here we are, completely normal people, moaning and groaning about small things in life. If it rains now he will not be able to run for cover since he needs someone to help him. Yet he is cheerful, not complaining, grateful to God, self supporting and taking pride in his appearance. I was completely bowled over. I sweat over small stuff and this terribly handicapped man is full of life and bubbling with enthusiasm.

His friends call him SOUL OF MUSA which means according to him SOUL OF FRIENDSHIP. From my own experience, I can confidently say that he has the wonderful capacity to put some cheer and happiness in to the most disheartened, dispirited, down cast, disappointed, dull person.



Hello Joseph, Wow what a post?
This young man certainly puts my life into perspective. I have all the admiration in the world for him. The photo's of him were very humbling , You did a splendid job on this post, thanks for sharing and showing everyone.


Herrad said...

Hi Joseph,
Lovely post thanks, Musa sounds like a gem of a man.
How wonderful to have had the pleasure of meeting him.

Brian Miller said...

beautiful. both the drawing and their creator. stories like this pull at my heart, knocking the dust off my own joy, that i let settle there. thank you joseph.

SkyJuice said...

Hi Joseph,

This is a moving post and constant reminder to be grateful for what we have in life. I applaud Musa for his courage and determination. May Allah s.w.t bless him always.

Have a good week!


Anonymous said...

'Come, follow me and I will make you fishers of men.' (Μatth. 4.19)

Dear Joseph, it is only this what I am able to say after reading this post of you, looking at the first drawing of Musa.
One can only hope that the 'net of his soul' will be able to catch mankind to follow.
A wonderful week for you.

A New Beginning said...

Thanks a lot for the enlightening post Mr. Joseph, its sooo true that we cry over small things , least do we realise that should be really thankful to gO, FOR ALL HIS BLESSINGS THAT HE SHOWERS ON US. I am truely delighted to read your post and Im thankful to God for giving me so much that he has. Thanks once again, may happiness and Gods blessings be with Musa always!He surely is a blessed artist!

Amrita said...

Masood life and attitude is certainly an inspirtation and challenge for me as I deal with my physical disabilities.

Such people are my heroes.
His bright smile and the positive gleam in his eye goes stright to me.

Musa is also Moses in Hindustani.

Creativity!! said...

Hello Sir,

Greetings :) :)

Extremely Touching :) :) Its Very Inspiring & Motivating Post :) :)

Thanks A Zillion For Such Inspiring, Motivating Post As Well As The Pictures :) :)


Rema said...

I must say a very touchy post. 100% we all crib over every little thing in life when it does not meet our expectations whether or not we meet their demands. How Musa has accepted the truth so easily. By drawing with his crippled hands he is trying to make a living. It teaches each one of us a good lesson – but where the very next moment we tend to forget and throw tantrums for every little thing …… God bless him and his family.

msatheeshkumar said...

Hats-off to this awe-inspiring Gentleman.I'm really cheered and inspired by this post Joseph ji.I wonder to see his spirit of life. Oh How hard it would be to live a life with both the legs and both the hands crippled.Even the God should bend his head if He sees this Wonder Boy. Once again thanks a lot for this Nice informative post,Joseph ji.I'm sorry that I'm not using the net regularly because I'm in my hometown now(not in Kurnool where I study).We have heavy floods in our Kurnool town,sir.U might have seen in News about 10 days back.The condition has improved a little now. And now onwards I'll be visiting ur Inspiring Blog...Many thanks for ur nice posts.....Have a Nice Day......

P.N. Subramanian said...

I thank you for bringing into fore the struggle of humans with disabilities. Here in the case of Moosa, it is some thing unusual and would inspire many others like him. (Provided they have access to the net!)

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hi Rema:)

Your observations are very true. You will remember the saying--I COMPLAINED I HAD NO SHOES UNTIL I SAW A MAN WITHOUT FEET.

Have a wonderful day Rema:)

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hi Satheesh:)

I am always filled with a great joy when you visit my post. I hope your exams are over and you have done well. I suppose when you go back to Kurnool you will be able to blog again.I know you have a lap top and therefore what prevents you from blogging? Perhaps your exams are not yet over:)

All the best Satheesh:)

Anonymous said...

Hi Joseph! Masood is such an inspiration, and his drawing is really good! Thank you for introducing us to him! It's so true that we often get caught up in our own little "tragedies", when all we are experiencing is just life. I feel grateful for everything I have!

amatamari© said...

Thanks for your post and the photographic series.
Often people with disabilities are capable of generosity that we do not know ...

amatamari© said...

Truly a masterpiece.

Mitr Friend - Bhushavali said...

May God bless him... He's such a courageous, real-life hero...
My Travelogue, Savoir-Faire

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hello PNS:)


Many, many thanks for your valuable input. I checked your blog and found you have not posted anything new.You seem to be taking a long rest.

Wish you all happiness:)

Valerie said...

Thank you Joseph, for posting about Masood. It has put a lot of things in perspective. I admire him greatly for overcoming his difficulties and still being able to smile at the world. God bless him.

Anonymous said...

His beauty emanates from his very soul. I am captivated by his smile, his art, his brightness in a world that has likely not been as kind to him as he deserved.

Bernie said...

I have popped over from Val's blog to read this heart warming story, how small my burdens are compared to this young man....May God and his angles always sit beside him as he draws and provides for himself. His drawings are wonderful. Thank you for sharing this story.....:-) Hugs

Leo said...

Very inspiring. Thanks for bringing us Musa.

nikgee said...

i can see i've needed this nudge. a wake up call if you will. sometimes i forget. in this life everyone will encounter hardship and pain at some point. but when i witness what some will endure, some how or another my problems arn't all that.

i am not advicating we seek more pain to make us better person. i would that noone would have to face affliction. maybe in a perfect world.sorry, my world has good and bad.and i can only be held accountable for me. so when i come up against a problem instead of following my NATURAL inclination,focusing on self.but reajust my sights GOD ward. IF NOT FOR THE GRACE OF GOD I WOULD NEVER MADE IT THIS FAR...NICK

nikgee said...

hello joseph, taks for dropping bye and the sort of confirmed what i suspecting.thanks again nick

Catherine said...

What a wonderful smile, and portrait, Joseph. Watching him in the first picture who can believe that life has been so unfair with him.
I believe that his handicap makes him become stronger than many people in good health. Stronger and wise.
People always want more than thy get, are envious many time, because they forget to turn their haed and consider what they already get, and thank for the "wealth" they already get. But it's an awareness not so easy to realize. And your to day post contributes to realize our fortune. Even, if it's just for a few days, it's already a path near inner happiness...
See you soon Joseph. I was wondering during 3 months if blogging was really useful....Well one can live without blogging, but it's so pleasant to visit many friends from all over the world. It's tiring too ! (I mean it asks for striving, especially in english, but it's worth ).
I'll try to do it at my pace. No need to follow a schedule...Smile. Have a good week-end, dear Joseph.

magicpolaroid said...

hello friend, how are u?
ur posts send us always a message...
hugs, Luis

Joops said...

This is a very inspiring post, thank you for sharing. He is a natural born artist, indeed gifted with talent that some normal people does not have..

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Rhapsody B. said...

Namaste My Friend....
How are you? I trust you are well and enjoying your life.

I enjoyed your story of Musa, I have encountered some such as he and while it amazes us the "abled" bodied it comes naturally to them "the physically challenged". We all have something Joseph, the difference is with Musa you can see it, the truth is not all limitations are visible.

Thank you for sharing, my regards to Musa he is a blessing.

Unseen Rajasthan said...

He is a Real Hero !!

Hilary said...

Joseph, I read your comment over at Rain's blog and was intrigued by how you think. I followed the link, clicked and scrolled and discovered this wonderful post. Masood is surely a gifted artist both with ink and with life. As are you with your words.

Trudy said...

Hello dear Joseph!

What an inspiration this young man is. He certainly teaches us that anything is possible if we set out mind and heart to it!

You have such a gift for seeking these wonderful souls out Joseph and sharing them with us.

Thank you for stopping by and leaving such a lovely comment at my blog today Joseph. Your words mean so much to me as this is exactly who I strive to be!

God's blessings to you and your family!

G Lucciano said...

This is quite a post.
It makes you look at life in a different perspective. I agree that we complain without thought.
We take for granted so many things.
Great post as usual.

gaelikaa said...

It is nice to come across someone else who is blogging from India. I enjoyed your post a lot. Masood is a great fellow!

Maggie May said...

That was a very uplifting post. What a wonderful person to overcome so much and still think he is more fortunate than others.
I came over from Hilary (The Smitten Image) where you have a mention on her POTW! Congratulations!

Nuts in May

Fat, frumpy and fifty... said...

again another post to reminds us of our privileged lives...and some perspective to drench our journey

Anonymous said...

This post sends a lesson to all of us who moan and groan about trivial things. So many of us have too much, yet are never satisfied. Thank you for this post and thank you to Hilary for making you one of her Posts of the Week.

Gaston Studio said...

Beautiful, thought provoking post. Congrats on POTW!

Nancy said...

Hi, I just stopped by via Smitten Image, although I have been by before. This was such a wonderful post. Blessings to this wonderful man. He has made me a bit more grateful today - especially that the world has men like him.

Dianne said...

I too have come by from Smitten Image

I looked at the photos for a long time, he has such a beautiful face

thank you for sharing his story

Elizabeth Bradley said...

I came via The Smitten Image. Congrats on POTW. Not only is your blog great to look at, it is heartfelt and poignant. You touched me with the story of the Soul of Musa. Thank you for reminding me about how easy most of us have it compared to many, and yet many who don't have it so easy are better people.

Cheffie-Mom said...

I came over from Hilary's blog. Congrats on the POTW Award!! This post is beautiful -- inspirational and uplifting. Thank you!!

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hi Cheffie-Mom:)

Many thanks for your encouraging comments.

I note you have not started a blog yet. Please let me know when you start one so that I can visit.

Have a nice day:)

FCB said...

Hi Joseph,
What an inspiring story; I'm so glad you took the time to get to know him, a blessing of rare fortune.
"Soul of Musa", what an achievement, to have earned such a name from those that know you. I wonder how many would consider a title like that for me, few if any. But reading this moving post certainly inspires me to be more like Masood. King David said, "My heart is stirred by a noble theme." This certainly is a noble theme.
God bless,

-=A.R.N.=- said...

First time commenter on your blog and I must say, this post is truly inspirational!!

Some of us take for granted all the blessings we have; and yet complain about the little we don't have.

Thank you for this post!

elizabeth avedon said...

Mr. Pulikotil, you are my guru. I've learned something from each of your posts and enjoy looking at your photographs from your corner of India. Thank you for shedding Light where ever you go.