Tuesday, April 7, 2009


It was quite hot in the afternoon. On account of evaporation and condensation dark clouds had gathered over the city. Being Holy Week, in the evening I decided to go to the church to say my confession

Before entering the church I stepped into a restaurant to a have a cup of tea. As I sat there and sipped my tea, I heard a loud ear shattering thunder and saw blinding flashes of lightening. It started raining heavily accompanied by strong winds. The huge trees near by started swaying like they were possessed by furious demons. Being summer, most people were not prepared for the sudden rains. They started running helter skelter to avoid getting drenched. Some came into the restaurant and started chatting loudly and excitedly. The noise level was quite high and deafening. I did not want to get up from my chair because someone will occupy it immediately and I will have to stand till the rain stops. So I ordered for two vadas and started eating slowly

On account of the strong winds, a little bird got dislodged from its nest and fell among the people inside the restaurant. Immediately people moved out of the way of the bird to avoid stamping it. The bird scrambled to a corner and started squeaking pitiably as though it was in severe pain. Every one looked at the bird sadly but no one including me came forward to help it in anyway. Finally a worker from the kitchen came, caught the bird and took it into the kitchen. Either he will take care of it or let it go outside through the back window. I only hope he will not decide to make a dish out of it. Do you have any thoughts on the fate of the bird?

It was still pouring outside. So I ordered for a Sugian and started eating it very leisurely. I saw a man entering with a woman. She brought two cups of tea – one for him and one for her. They stood there near me sipping their tea and talking animatedly. When the tea was over, I heard her telling him that it was getting late and she has to rush home. He took out a Rs.10 note and gave it to her to pay for both the teas at the counter. She kept her cup on my table and touched that man’s thighs. He was wearing a spotless white pant. I thought that either it was her way of saying thanks to him or perhaps she was wiping her tea soiled fingers on his pant. Any way that is their business and I looked out. Can you throw some light on this?

It was still drizzling. So I ordered for a Bonda and started eating it. My stomach was full by the time I finished it. I was sitting and thinking what to do next. Fortunately, the rain stopped. I quickly paid the money, dashed to the church, said my confession and started walking home.

The were puddles of water on the road because the drains were clogged The weather was nice, cool and pleasant. I was so full that I will not be able to eat dinner. But I will have a good, peaceful, deep, dreamless sleep.



My you did have a day didn't you?
When I lived in Spain we had weather like that......all of a sudden.I bet you won't eat for a week with all that food.......
That poor bird I don't like to dwell on it's fate.
The lady who cleamed her fingers?
well the mind has a few ideas but best keep them to myself.
I loved the pictures you took, you are very good.
Take care.


Catherine said...

I'll "say" Bonjour Joseph, as I imagine it's early morning in India. Here, it's 00.05 am. The night.
The weather is changing quickly in your area. I realize that you're improvising your day schedule according to the events. So do I, when I have the opportunity of acting like this, I improvise, I'm not a planning-person.
A so little bird, causing so much trouble !
Concerning the woman "hand sign", attending to that scene I would have had an explanation, but seen from here, I would need more details : ) But first of all, this man shouldn't wear spotless white pants when it might rain. That would be a disaster far more worrying than fingers wiped on them.
To finish, Joseph, I must thank you, because you were right, I meant a lighthouse. I was mistaken. My english is just scholastic. I just regret you doesn't visit my blog earlier to correct my mistake. I'm sure some of my french readers noticed it, but they didn't dare telling me. I regret, I'm not the kind of person to be offended when someone explain me kindly I was wrong. On the contrary !
Have a nice wednesday, Joseph. "See" you soon.

SkyJuice said...

Hi Joseph,

I'd like to think that someone is looking after the bird, perhaps keeping it as a pet, or it was released through the back window of the restaurant.

As for the couple, well, it's none of my business.

It rains heavily on a daily basis here, thunders and lightning inclusive. It rained about 6 hours yesterday.

Have a good day! :-)

Femin Susan said...

Yesterday when we had our walk We saw dark black rain clouds too. I expected it to rain and ran home. By the time when I was inside a storm broke out followed by a thunder. Than the rain started not heavy as yours.Than there was a loud thunder and lightening. And our t.v got fussed.
Keep posting..........

Margaret Cloud said...

This was a nice post, it is nice to hear of someone else s day, have a nice week.

FCB said...

That was fun sight-seeing with you. The violence of the storm you described can be frightening, and in some areas the lightening strikes so low, whereas here it is usually way up in the sky.
I can only imagine the fate of the bird, but one little bird a pie does not make, so he’s probably happily singing on a branch somewhere.
I have to say, I have no idea what any of the food was you ate????

You are so observant, little gets by. Fun,

Martha said...

I love the colors of the market. I enjoyed your story of the storm as I can hear the rain pouring down as I write this. I think I had better not pass the time eating though as I weigh enough already.

Leo said...

We have summer rains like that here on the Carolina coast. It gets so humid that the sky cannot hold any more moisture, so it has to "unload" all at once. But, many people are so hot by that time that they just walk aroud in the rain like nothing is happening. It is strange to see them. Nice picture of nice fruit. Did you get any??

Bhavesh Chhatbar said...

We Indians call it Monsoon.

Silhouette of a Temple of Dwarka

magicpolaroid said...

ciao Joseph, hope we will have a summer reain here in Italy! have a good Holiday!
posted great photos!

Amrita said...

Our day was also cool today, cloudy and in the evening we had a light shower. There was a rainbow in the shy for a few moments and by the time I got my camera out it vanished.

Nice tea you had. What is a sugian?
Yester I bought vadas from George 's shop. They are very expensive here one costs Rs 10. I decided to make them nyself. I like aloo bondas too.

The woman might be indicating that its time to leave by touching the man.

Mel said...

What a wonderful post, Joseph. It's the stories of our lives that make us unique and make it possible for us to know each other better, yes? I believe the bird is happily chirping away on a branch somewhere, and I can't explain why the lady touched the guys pants, unless, like you said, she was wiping her fingers on them. I can't say anything about that, I've been known to do the same thing... Although actually usually my husband is wearing jeans when I do it. :)

I enjoyed reading about the storm... I love storms. Your description of the trees was perfect. I could totally see them in my mind's eye. And your photos, as always, are wonderful.

God bless you, Joseph!

Femin Susan said...

i have posted about those dreadful rain in vision. Feel free to visit.

Wonder Turquette said...

Hello Joseph,

I've discovered your beautiful site via my dear friend Catherine's blog.

You certainly had a very interesting day and I like very much the way you tell us what happened. I hope that little bird is healthy and free now.

I visited Northern India last year in February during two weeks and I fell in love with your country! I wish to visit southern part as soon as possible.

Best regards,


Swarna said...

I noted the details of the downpour, and that you spared thoughts for the baby bird, and the one-act tea-play, and also the coffee, vadas, sugian and bondas. That was quite a shower, it seems! :)

Anonymous said...

While I love the idea, in theory, of eating until the rain stops, it would hopelessly ruin my diet since we've had a few days of nothing but rain. Sunshine now though :-).

I don't want to contemplate the fate of the bird. I'm engage my optimism and say: It was probably released to freedom and began a healing process. I hope so.

Ha on her wiping her fingers on his pants.

Glad you had a peaceful & deep sleep.

A New Beginning said...

Its a beautiful blog:)All the very best to you!


Hi Joseph, thanks for dropping by.
I look up those photos of San Fransico, what happy memories they
brought to mind.
Have a Happy Easter,



Very nice. wonderful pictures, too

Rema said...

Wiping her hand can be true too but then if it is so, that man would have cursed himself for wearing a white pant.

I too hope the bird does not turn out to be another dish.

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hi Rema:)

You made me laugh:):):) I enjoyed your humorous comment.

Best wishes:)