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Mattancherry is a known as the spices town. Small growers bring their hill produce such as pepper, ginger, cardamom etc. grown in the high ranges and sell them to the wholesalers here. The wholesalers process these products and sell them to bigger companies or export them.

However, this small town has become a tourist attraction because Jewish Synagogue is located here. ( I will show you the Synagogue in one of my subsequent posts.). As you walk towards the synagogue you will find streets lined with arts, curios, antiques, shawls, carpets, paintings, old wood carvings, jewelry and many other items of tourist interest. I really don't know from where these merchants get these exotic items.Please click on the photos for a larger view.

Waiting anxiously for customers.

Queen Elizabeth II visited this place to see the trading activity that takes place here.No computers are used. The traders shout at each other loudly. They are actually calling out the prices to buy and sell but it will look like they are fighting with each other. There will be more than 100 traders on the floor at any given time and therefore you can imagine the bedlam in this place. You can go deaf with the noise. I was told the Queen enjoyed the visit. Perhaps she had ear plugs. I am sure :)
A rich man has already bought these items. They are being loaded in the truck to be transported to his house.

I am sure you would like to have some of them in your houses. Just tell me what you want and I will parcel them to you. :):):)



I loved the stroll in Mattancherry,
very interesting to see the different places of interest.
The photo's were superb I think you live in a super place.

That house where I live is not mine but I have an apartment within the house.
The area has a history which my next 2 poems about.

Take care.


Femin Susan said...

Once for a picnic we came to matanchari. there where great pieces of artwork there that I badly wanted. I really liked those pots which a customer bought.Thanks for sharing.

Mel said...

Hi Joseph,

It is incredibly enjoyable reading your descriptions and studying these well-taken and colorful photos... Does your area have something like a Chamber of Commerce? If so, do they have a website? If they do, you should approach them about putting a link to your blog on it. People who are thinking about visiting your area would find your blog fascinating and delightful, and I'm sure they would be even more eager to experience it for themselves after seeing these people, and places, and foods, etc, through your eyes.

Thanks for the time and energy you invest in this very worthwhile project. :)

Blessings to you and your family! :)

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hi Mel :)

We have a chamber of commerce here and they have their website. Let me go and talk to them. Thanks for you suggestion and words of encouragement which keeps me going.

Have a lovely Sunday :)

Paul said...

Hi JPC, ThanX for your comments and "Phantom" is back in action. Your post on Mattancherry is Fantastic. I like to know more about these historical places. At present, I am waiting for the foreign reviews to come for the Final Viva. It may take another 2/3 months b4 calling me Dr. Still I am at Chennai living in the hot climate (40C). Family is at Cochin and doing fine. Have a great sunday.Cheers!

Catherine said...

Bonjour Joseph,
Concerning your proposal of parceling, do not waste your money and your time, Joseph : ) I believe that I can find the same "genuine" antiques, here. Except, maybe, I won't be able to bargain. I wouldn't have enough voice to do it.

Concerning, this area of Mattancherry, I'll come back to see the Synagogue. I won't never forget this jewish couple, The Rabbi and his wife who have been killed during the attack of Mumbaï.
My thought goes to their little son. I can't believe, even after that drama, that men can be such "savage" in the name of "ideology". If we can call that way. I would really like to write with you in French, Joseph. My words would be more accurate. But you get the idea.

Tha sale of spices must be very attractive and funny to watch.

Is Mattancherry a separate town from Cochin, or one of its districts ?

Have a nice Sunday, Joseph.

Leo said...

Perhaps the items for sale in the tourist area are made in China as are the ones we generally find here. Nice pots, though, and well photographed.

Amrita said...

25 years ago I visited Kochi as a student and loved it. I still remember the wonderful sights and sounds and the visit to the Synagouge

Anonymous said...

The pictures are riveting. If you have an eye for detail, you can really find new things each time you look at them.
Even with computers, traders(in the financial markets) yell at each other here, very different surroundings though. I like these surroundings better. ~Mary

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hi Paul:)

Many thanks for your unexpected visit. I pray for your success so that I will be able to call you Doctor. A great achievement for you and a privilege for me.

Best wishes to you and your family:)

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hi Catherine :)

I like your spirit. You are a CRUSADER. And justifiably so!

I am amazed that you keep a very close watch on the happenings in India. This so called IDEOLOGY is creating a very big problem for all peace loving people. The world community has allowed this terrorism to grow and now it has become almost impossible to put an end to it.

When you use the word "savage" I can understand your justified anger welling out of your helplessness to put a stop to this wanton savagery which is always raising its head like a hydra headed monster.

Politics is not my forte. But I have very strong feelings about deliberate killings by terrorists. If I can put together some ideas in writing I will certainly pass it on to you.

As regards Jewish Synagogue, photography is not allowed inside. However, I will post what I have after a few weeks. I normally like to mix up various subjects so that my friends will get a pleasant surprise when they visit my blog. I hope you like my idea:)

So, mon cher Catherine, au revoir:)

( I hope I am not murdering French! If I do, I might be put in Bastille and guillotined.)

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hi Catherine :)

There is one more point I want to clarify.

Mattancherry also comes under the postal area of Kochi. We can go to Mattancherry either by bus or boat from the mainland ERNAKULAM (Kochi).

Best wishes :)

Margaret Cloud said...

Very interesting shopping stores, I liked the animal with the horns, very colorful. The shops probably make good momne, I alwys like to buy things when I go to different towns. Very nice post Joseph, have a nice week.

Femin Susan said...

Thanks for leaving that long comment in "little thoughts"I always feel like the post is not complete without your comment.i even Like the nursery rhyme.

meerasworld said...

we are planning to go there one day:)i have seen pictures of the buildings there and simply loved much history we have!

A New Beginning said...

Thanks for the tour around the place , your pics speak volumes:)
Have a great day!

Amrita said...

Hello Sir I have taggeed you on my blog, please have a look

Femin Susan said...

I saw the peacock in the thrissur district itself.

FCB said...

Hi Joseph,
Wow, this is a facinating area! I love to poke around areas like this, it is so exotic and colorful. What a joy to experience your culture through your lens.
The eye never tires of seeing, especially in an area like this.
God bless,

Swarna said...

It was nice to go strolling with this local guide!

hpy said...

I'd like to have the big jar bought by the rich man. It's a pity you can't send it to me as it has already been sold! ;-)

heidi said...

That was really neat - thank you for sharing it! The things there are so ornate in nature - everything is a piece of art, yk?

I don't, so much, want any THING as much as I just want some good Indian food. ;-)

tikno said...

Your photo have the color of culture.


A very informative post. the pictures are so clear and bright.
the description of the 'exchange' and the exchange is amusing.

Rhapsody said...


MATTANCHERRY looks interesting. Pepper Exchange? hmmmmmm....makes me wonder.

A rich man bought those things and...? Well I will refrain from saying more on this particular piece.

FCB said...

Hi Joseph, such a fascinating market place! I love hand made crafts and although many are religious in nature, the craftsmanship is captivating.