Saturday, March 14, 2009


I went to Mattancherry Palace which is functioning as a museum now. I saw a notice saying that photography was not allowed.

The sun was hot. I thought of my blogger friends going through winter and anxiously waiting for spring. I looked around. Please click on the photos to enlarge.

Goats cooling themselves in the shade.

This is the palace.

This is the Temple where the kings and queens worshipped.

This is the water tank where they bathed.
As I looked, I could hear loud shouts and laughter from the water tank. I went close and looked inside. This is what I saw.
These boys from the nearby school have come here to cool themselves and have fun. Surely they must be hungry when the school got over. But their priority was not food. Many schools here have 50 or 60 students stuffed in the class room with one or no fan at all. They sweat profusely in the class, they become restless and some how sit through the periods. Fortunately for these students there is a water tank close by. When the school gets over they rush to this water tank to play, swim, splash water, dive, laugh, scream and enjoy themselves.

This made me nostalgic. In summer I used to cut some boring classes and go to the Marina beach with my friends to play in the cool water. I also frequented the Marina swimming pool on Saturdays and Sundays. I learnt to float on my back for about one hour in the hope that someday this skill will become useful. But when I traveled by ship from Goa to Mumbai the ship did not sink like the TITANIC. So all my efforts to learn swimming was wasted. Hope I will get a chance to prove my skill sometimes in the future.


Mark in Spokane said...

Great summer-themed photos. I don't think I could survive the heat in India, but your photos sure made me wish that winter was already over here in Spokane!

Thanks again, Joseph, for posting such interesting photos about your country.

Leo said...

The freedom of youth is always a refreshing memory. Nice pics, and I look at the houses in the background with interest. But, surely you do not want your boat to sink, my friend!


What some fantastic photo's and an
excellent blog which I enjoyed reading very much.

Thank you for visiting my blog and such kind comment. Feel free to visit any time.

Take care



Great mood post! How happy the boys are playing and diving into the water

Mel said...

Hi Joseph,

You're so sweet to be thinking of all of us who are still looking forward to the birth of Spring. I love reading stories of your life, from the past and the present. It helps us to know you better.

The pictures are lovely, and another meaningful snapshot into your culture. That camera is a tool of artistry in your hands. :)

Have a wonderful day today, Sir Joseph! :)

Lindab said...

You are right - visiting your blog from a cold country, this was a welcome glimpse of warmer days.

How funny about your floating practice!

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hi Lindab :)

Welcome aboard!

Many thanks for leaving a lovely comment.

Best wishes :)

Maria said...

Hi Joseph, thank you so very much for your nice comment on my blog! I am also happy that you like the award!
Your summer-themed post is realy welcome! It reminds me of easy-going summer days with hot temperatures and swimming in the cool water. Your school children seem to have great pleasure,too! I never had to swm for my life, too, only for my pleasure, so far! :)))

FCB said...

Hi Joseph,
Mmmmmm, these pictures make me long for summer. When I was young I was raised in a warmer climate and lived by the ocean, these pictures of childhood water play take me back 50 years when we hoped to display our diving skills for the camera. What fun!

Swarna said...

We visited the palace last June, and i felt that a good half-day is needed to cover the displays in detail.
Thanks for the action shots. I wish those kids contiued enjoyment of rare moments of childhood / youth.

manivannan said...

Your post lights up the mind sir :) Just the thought and pictures make me long for a getaway! Really 'cool' pictures...Especially loved the last one.

Also thoroughly enjoyed the humour that ran in the last few lines :)

Thanks for your cheerful post!

shri ramesh sadasivam said...

So, Tomorrow's Kings are bathing in Yesterday's Kings bath place. :)

Danielle&Hannah said...

wow... they only have a maximum of 20-25 in a class in most schools here! Thx Joseph! What an eye opener. I have some VERY close friends who just came back from time in Mizoram (NE India). Hannah and I will go sometime soon! How is your niece, Shiny? That gorgeous girl!

By the way - I have yet to "blog it" - but I am engaged to be married this year - September. :-)
Bless you and your family!

Catherine said...

Bonjour Joseph,
Thanks for your kind comment. It's always pleasant toreceive messages from all over the world. I must thank Maria for this.

It seems that attendants at the museum entrance are very lazy : ) they prefer shade, when we, on this side of the world we're expecting sun.

I love to watch these slces of life, and students enjoying their afternoon. I feel joy in their open smile. We all have dreamt to be with firends instead of going to school. That's human.

Hope you 'll be able not only to show your talent as a swimmer, but also as a first aider if you were in the Titanic conditions : ) You'll show us the front page !
(Since you don't know me, I was just joking.)

Amrita said...

Lovely photos, Josephji.
I love old building withhistory and charm.

Seems the goats came for a visit too.
It must be cool inside. These buildings have natural air conditiioning.

The boys shots are super, they are having such fun and I think they dived for you too.
Boys will be boys.

Oh please don 't wait for a Titanic like situation to display your swimming skills. What about the smake boat race?

Femin Susan said...

but now the heat has reduced compared to the days before....liked the great summer photos...
to prove your swimming skills the ships need not sink, you can just jump to the water in marine drive and then reach the shore by swimming...just an idea...may be you can try it...i enjoyed your joke...

i was away from my blog for a few days . my exams started and it will only get over on 24...exam fever till then...
may god bless you :)

Judy said...

Hello, Joseph,
You were asking about the redwing blackbirds on my blog. The last shot, where you felt he looked lonely - well, that is because he is! These are the males, here to stake out a territory before the females get here. And you have to have a good territory to get a mate!
As to the snow and the dry cattails and reeds - we have lost about 75 to 80% of the snow in the last couple of weeks. That does not mean we may not get another foot tomorrow. A lot of the wild grasses and weeds spend the winter all brown, and poking out of the snow. As the new shoots come up in the spring, last year's growth decays to feed it. These cattails are actually just releasing their seeds now.
You have an interesting and informative blog!

Catherine said...

Bonjour Joseph,
To answer to your interesting comment:
I believe you when you write that your army at the borders are in constant alert. We, European, know that fact, for who reads newspapers, or watches TV news ! We watch that from so far. But most of us aren't aware of what it represents in day-to-day life.It
isn't "concrete".
In fact when you cross the Franco-Italian border, there are absolutely no custom officer, we don't even stop the car as if both countries was one. We should realize how lucky we are. I've just noticed a custom check in the trains between Italy and France. Custom officers watch closely the arrival of non-European people with no identity papers that try to enter in one country or the other. But that has nothing to compare with a potential Invader-Army !
Thanks for your comment, Joseph.

Rhapsody said...

Namaste Joseph....
I very much enjoyed watching the boys frollic in the water, it great to see children living without a care at least for a moment. What Joseph! you use to cut classes, you naughty naughty boy! haha :P I wonder if your mother ever knew? hehe.

I am laughing now because Joseph only you could wish to be marooned in water so you can use your floating skills, haha, haha, know one else would wish of such a thing because it may mean ones certain demise.

thanks for sharing a snapshot of your life as a child. I enjoyed it.