Thursday, March 5, 2009


This is a comment made by SHEILA in response to my comment in her post.

Bluebirdy said...

Dear Joseph, you said "Please be assured that everything will go well. There is always light at the end of the tunnel. Sometimes the tunnel is short and sometimes it is long and appears to be never ending. Please keep your spirits high, be brave and courageous. Everything will come out all right in the end." I appreciate that so much. I really needed to be reminded of that right now. are a dear man.

I heard that the Indian gov't was trying to ban the showing of Slumdog millionaire in India. I guess they did not ban it, because it seems like you have seen it. I watched the Academy Awards and was so happy for all the awards that movie got. I am eager to see it.

Bless you Joseph, you have been a healing friend from 10,000 miles away. Thank the Lord for the internet!
Hugs again
March 3, 2009 9:52 AM

When I read this I was overcome with emotion. I felt the purpose of my blogging and the purpose of my existence on this earth is justified by this one comment. If I can offer a word of comfort, courage, confidence, strength and my prayers to one person on this earth and that person really appreciates it, the reason for my living is abundantly fulfilled.


Sheila is a brave heart, a lion heart who is fighting a lonely battle against so many things including a very serious sickness she is afflicted with. Her courage, determination, iron will, her patience and perseverance is unparalleled and will put us to shame. She needs all our words of encouragement, support and of course our earnest prayers to prevail and overcome her illness and the various insurmountable problems she is facing single handedly.

I request you, my dear friends, to visit her blog—LIFE – 4 HOURS AT A TIME - and post some words of comfort, courage and prayers. It is listed under my BLOGS I FOLLOW. Please click on it and you will reach her blog. I will greatly appreciate if you will do this favor for me. I will be very grateful.




Anonymous said...

I do have to say, great flower shots - I owned a floral business many years ago.

Healing from 10,000 miles away? I'd feel good about a comment like that as well. Are you doing a bit of Prophet of social justice blogging? ;-) I think that is a good thing. My blogging right now is a little selfish, but there are still parts that may help certain people if they are open to it.

Maria said...

Wonderful flower shots, Joseph! Thank you for your nice comment on my blog, I appreciate it :)
Have a nice weekend!

Femin Susan said...

great photos!!!
sheila's truly made me also pleasant.such a contrast of beautiful words she have used and i believe its written from her hearts of hearts...often your comments in my blog also appreciates me alike...

Amrita said...

Lovely flowers on display. This is like our Feb. Flower Show.

Sheila is a wonderful woamn, she is the one who introduced me to your blog.

Mel said...

Joseph, I'm so happy for you! God is so GOOD! When I read this post, my spirit whooped with glee and joy. Keep it up, you're blessing people, and being blessed in return. Does it get any better than that?

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hi Amrita :)

I know you are a regular visitor of her blog. You know her better than me.

Many thanks.

Hi Mel :)

I have seen you comments on her blog.

Many many thanks.

Swarna said...

God bless you!
Thanks for sharing, the flowers, and the blog-from-far-away.
I find your comments most detailed and meaningful - and always accompanied by a smiling face.

Bluebirdy said...

Oh my goodness Joseph!
THANK YOU. I am so very humbled. You give me too much credit. I am not feeling so very strong right now. I just returned from my storage unit to find I have been robbed. I am writing a blog about it now. I also posted a reply to your latest healing comment on my blog. (HUG)
Your spirit sister, Sheila/Bluebirdy

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hi Sheila :)

I am shocked to know that you have been robbed. This is a terrible thing to happen.

I want to post a comment on your latest post but your comment form is not opening. Kindly check it.

Best wishes :)

Bluebirdy said...

Hello Dear Joseph; I changed the format of the comment page, but since it caused some confusion, I changed it again. You can use it now.
Bless you

monsoon-dreams said...

hi joseph,
those flowers are a treat to the eyes.yes joseph,though i found ur blog very recently,it is a pleasure being at ur blog.ur words sound so sincere.

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hi Sheila :)

I have checked and the comments column is working well.

Many, many thanks :)

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hi MD :)

Many, many thanks for your words of encouragement and motivation.

Have a good day :)

manivannan said...

Hi sir :)

Sheila has rightly echoed the heart of everyone of us, who are fortunate to receive your comments. When I read I felt she spoke my heart. And I am sure everyone of them you visit would feel the same :)

I'll surely visit her blog!

And Keep up your great work sir :) Inspire, motivate and touch the lives of as many people as possible..

prayers and wishes!

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hi Mani :)

I am obliged to you for your kind words of encouragement and motivation.

Many, many thanks.

Best wishes :)

Bluebirdy said...

Sorry to leave so many comments Joseph. My brain is not working well, so I keep forgetting to mention things. I was looking at your subtitle that says "India Wake Up! We don't want any more terrorist attacks!" Is there anything India (or anyone) can do to avoid terrorist attacks? It seems that the terrorists want to rule the world and will go anywhere to try to take over the area, just like they won the beautiful vacation valley of Swat Pakistan 2 weeks ago. The Pakistani President just gave it to them! He thought that would satisfy them, but now they are making more and more demands and threaten to start war again if they don't get what they want. Can you tell me what India could do and how they should "wake up"? If you would rather not talk about political things publically, go to my profile and click on "email" and your message will come directly to my email box instead of just to the blog comments.

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hi Sheila :)

Welcome once again. I am only too happy, glad and delighted with your frequent visits. I generally avoid politics because it is always contentious and can lead to friction. But I have made many interesting remarks in other blogs where these subjects are generally posted.

But terrorism cannot be considered politics because it is a common evil for every one and should be eradicated at all costs. Just because a few mad men think they can do any thing they want in the name of religion, it is the fundamental duty of civilized nations to get rid of them for the sake of safety and security of their majority citizens.

Initially terrorism in India was confined to the State of Kashmir but it has slowly spread to Delhi, our national capital and Mumbai, our commercial capital. When Pakistan realized that they cannot fight a war with us and win Kashmir they started funding, training and providing arms and ammunitions to terrorists with a view to kill innocent people in Kashmir and spread terror. The ploy did not succeed. So the frustrated Pakistan authorities are encouraging the terrorists to strike deep into India.

Some of the terrorists who came to attack Mumbai arrived in boats from Pakistan. Our fishermen saw these strangers landing on our shores but their suspicion was not aroused and they did not report to the police. Hence the terrorists could easily get into the city to plan and carry out their massive attacks. So the first thing the Indian government has to do is to make the people understand the real threat of terrorism in our country and encourage them to report about strangers and strange activity in the neighbor hood. Secondly, there should be proper co-ordination between the police and other intelligence agencies to act against terrorists. The police force should be given proper training and equipment to fight the terrorists. Thirdly, our shores must be well guarded to prevent the terrorists entering our soil. Fourthly, our politicians should sink their differences with regard to terrorists and act as one.

Every one knows that Pakistan is the centre of terrorists training, funding, equipping and exporting terrorists not only to India but also to other countries. The Pakistan authorities are getting huge financial assistance from US to fight the terrorists. Instead of using the money for which it is intended, the Pakistan government and military are hoodwinking the US and misusing the funds to aid and abet the terrorists. So US should stop funding Pakistan. Secondly, the powerful countries of the world should unite against terror and bring pressure on Pakistan to put an end to terrorists activity on their soil. They should impose economic sanctions first and direct military action if necessary. The pity is that even if US wants to take the initiative how many other nations will support and stand by US? We know what happened when US wanted to get rid of terrorists in Afghanistan and Iraq. I was amazed to see that France which owes it freedom from German occupation on account of US military intervention during the second world war, opposed the US and supported Germany. I could never believe that France could be so ungrateful! Most countries are jealous of US because of its power, position, influence and wealth!

India is hesitating to attack Pakistan because Pakistan is a nuclear power and any attack will have very serious consequences, So India is trying to mobilize international consensus on the eradicating terrorists on Pakistan soil. I hope India will succeed.

Prayers and best wishes :)


Wonderful pictures.And a nice post to go with them.

The Tile Lady said...

The flowers on this post and the next are just beautiful. I am always struck by the beauty you show us--and juxtaposed with the ugliness of those slums. Like life everywhere, to some degree, but it seems more vivid somehow in India. Sheila's comments were wonderful as were others, and I think we all have to hold onto our humanity and be there for each other, even to just comment in a blog. Your purpose is a beautiful one, Joseph, letting us see the pain you see.

shri ramesh sadasivam said...

Flowers and Flower decorations are all wonderful.

Judy said...

Oh, Joseph, I just had to laugh when I saw all the marioglds in pots, just row on row of them! When I was a child, they were my favourite flowers! And the next photo, where the bamboo has been made into fountains!