Monday, November 10, 2008


As I said in my previous post, several thoughts came to my mind on hearing the story of Thomas and Mary. They are :

!) Thomas and Mary were not beggars to start with. They were normal healthy people who worked hard and earned money. The mistake they made was not to save money. They spent their money thinking their capacity to earn will last forever. Soon they became old and sick and there was no one to support them. This is the mistake many youths do.

2) One of these days, they are likely to fall down on the road and die.

3) What gives them the motivation and the zest to live on? What future do they have?

4} Why are not charitable organizations coming forward to help people like them?

5) Why are not news papers coming forward to highlight the plight of these poor suffering people so that there is more awareness in the society?

6) The Indian Government has sent an unmanned space craft to the moon although a sizable section of the society is starving.

7) The priest is giving alms to poor people who desperately need money and starving. Will this amount to inducing conversion to Christianity?
I hope you will have some comments on these points.


Femin Susan said...

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FCB said...

Hi Joseph,
My, there is a lot there to consider, and I have few answers.
Your first consideration about saving and earning is such good advice. If one were to begin saving only 1% of their earnings they would soon be motivated to save more.

That is the easy one in your list, the rest concerning charities, governments, newspapers? I guess there voice is not heard under the thunder of commerce.

But the church, this is the hope, here we are taught to care; and their is much done to serve, but much that needs to be done. Whether or not alms will convert someone I don't know, I do know that it is good whatever the result.
God bless,

Maria said...

I wonder if they had the opportunity so SAVE money for their old age. Have they earned THAT much when they were young?

Here in Europe, it is NOT easy to save money, there is a great part of the people earning very little money, they have hardly enough for a living, and the old age pension system is not very generous any more, especially in the last years.
You see, times are also getting harder here in Europe, and even with good jobs you cannot save money, and it is still worse if you are young, young peope's jobs are not well paid, and living gets more and more expensive.
The system is NOT fair!
Maybe you don't believe this, but capitalism is reaching its limits.

Maria said...

Dear Joseph,
I send you a link to an Austrian Organization, Caritas who is organizing an event today called "1 Million Sterne Aktion" (one million stars) taking place in several Austrian towns. People buy candles (2 Euros of the price are used for charity) put them in the middle of their city. The burning flame expresses our symphathy and solidarity with people in misery and poverty in Austria and around the globe.
Caritas is a charitable organization of the Catholic church operating in Austria and worldwide and often raises a (faint) critical voice.
I don't think that charity can solve hunger in the world, but we can PROTEST against hunger worldwide and we can DEMAND from our politicians to ACT IN FAIRNESS!
Yes, we CAN do this!

Maria said...

I think I forgot to send the link!

JM said...

What is most unfair is the fact they have worked all their lives and now, when they can't do it any more, there is not a state institution who can help them! It's revolting, but so true!
Your (great) food pictures can be shocking when talking about Thomas & Mary! Very well done!

Femin Susan said...

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LJEANH said...

Greetings Joseph...I found your blog when you left a message for Mary from Forks, WA. Love your pictures and the story of Thomas and Mary made me cry. I don't know why governments don't do more but thank God for people like you who care and do help. I'll remember to pray for Thomas, Mary & you in my daily prayers. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas & New Year. Laura in Stone Mountain, GA (but wanting to be in Forks!)