Thursday, November 20, 2008


Christmas season is slowly approaching us. Kochi shops have started displaying decorative items and greeting cards. There is hardly any business at the moment. Soon business will start in a trickle, then there will be a steady flow and then a deluge. Financial meltdown, economic slump, lack of money will not deter Christians to celebrate the birth of our Lord, Saviour, Jesus Christ. Even people belonging to other religions will at least put up a star or decorative lighting.

I saw three ships go sailing by,
Sailing by, sailing by;
I saw three ships go sailing by,
On Christemas day in the morning.

Joseph and Mary was on the ship,
On the ship, on the ship;
Joseph and Mary was on the ship,
On Christemas day in the morning.

Joseph whistled and Mary singed,
And all the bells in Heaven ringed;
All the bells in Heaven ringed,
On Christemas day in the morning.


Leo said...

So bright and colorful! I look forward to more pictures throughout the Kochi Christmas Season.

FCB said...

Yes, like Leo said, such a dazzling display. I should have known India would have fantastic decorations, such a color filled country. They are unlike our decorations, I thought they were the same all over, but I guess each culture has their own. I like that.
Great post.

JM said...

Hi, Joseph!

This is something that never crosses my mind when thinking of India, but of course there are many christians out there.
As FCB said, we can see some differences on Xmas decorations and I'm glad you have shown us.


These pictures really capture the season of Christmas and festive shopping. Very sweet carol, too.

Swarna said...

Great pictures, JP.
Let's celebrate the Christmas spirit for longer!

J P Joshi said...

Your pictures are always a delight to watch. The ones on this post are outstandingly beautiful...the Christmas cheer adds to the beauty. Love the post.

Mel said...

Joseph, your pictures are breathtaking! Have you ever considered selling them to magazines? You really have an eye for beauty and culture.

God bless you, my friend! :)

nobu said...

Colourful, beautiful decorations!!