Tuesday, August 11, 2009


-->Here is another fantastic comment by Sheila (Bluebirdy) from LIFE---4 HOURS AT A TIME. She is an incredible lady with a fantastic will power, determination and perseverance to succeed inspite of her severe handicaps and physical ailments. She has to her credit over 250 magazine articles published. I am sure you would like to visit this magnificent lady and become life long friends. My best wishes.

Bluebirdy said...

For people who are in more physical and/or mental pain than they can bear, yes, life can be torture. For the rest of us, happiness is a learned behavior. For a chosen few, happiness is in their brain and body chemistry and comes quite naturally. These days are so very stressful, so we have to learn how to make life more enjoyable, learn that our trials are only meant to be lessons in this school called life, and that we will become wiser through each one of them.

When I look at what an incredibly beautiful world of nature the Lord gave us to live in, in order to soothe our thoughts and help us reflect upon Him, I don't think He meant for this world to be torture...only a place of learning...and even happiness is a process of learning. In the US constitution, it says the right of life, liberty, and the PURSUIT of happiness. It is a pursuit. It is not an instant gift. It is a right given to you just because you want something, because it will make you happy. We have the right to "pursue" or "learn the steps to" happiness.

I think this world CAN be torture also for those who have not connected with their spiritual side and found deep beliefs in eternal life and a reason for all of the trials we go through. Torture to me would be spiritual separation from my creator...and so many in this world live like that. It is possible to find little joys in life, which can lift the spirit, and often are the only joys we have. Your pictures, Joseph, help us find those little joys when we are too busy to stop and look. This was a great philosphical/spiritual post!

Life DID feel like torture to me until 3 weeks ago. Pain, fatigue, fear, depression, worry about husband's life in war zone, physical inability to care for myself, no help, trying to care for my mother, all of it was too much. It seemed as if Satan was attacking from all sides, either trying to make me crazy or kill me or make me break up my marriage before hubby got permission to come, but Satan did not succeed, and the day the letter came, the constant fears being drilled into my head every minute, the worry about his life, the self consciousness about being a sick wife, it left instantly! Most of the pain also left, because stress is real poison for lupus patients. It's as if Satan gave up, and from one hour to the next, the world seemed different. I hope this is not just a few good days, I hope it continues to improve, but I am thanking the Lord every time I think of it as a healing. Even if not 100%, it is incredible change in my life.

Life can seem very wonderful when you have your physical/mental health. If those are compromised, it takes much more effort to enjoy life, but it is possible, until the physical or mental pain gets to about level 8-10 on a scale of 1 to 10. Then not much is controllable because you are lost in overwhelming agony.


Brian Miller said...

love it. it seems for me life becomes unbearable when i try to keep a strangle holdon it...a tentative furtive control...and then i realise i am not in charge. i cant fix everything...i cant be everything...thats not my job...there seems to be freedom in knowing that.

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hi Brian:)

Amazing! While I was posting a comment in your post you were posting a comment in my post.

Great minds think alike. What do you think?

Best wishes Brian:)

Trudy said...

Hello dear Joseph! Thank you for sharing Sheila's comment with us, what an inspirational lady. To have overcome such adversity and challenge in her own life with her disease and everything else happening in her life, that is a testament to her character and her faith in our living Lord!

I couldn't agree with her more when she states:

"I think this world CAN be torture also for those who have not connected with their spiritual side and found deep beliefs in eternal life and a reason for all of the trials we go through."

I thank God for His love, mercy, compassion and forgiveness every day and am beyond grateful that this world, even with all of the joy it can bring, is not my eternal home!

God bless you my friend!



Hello Joseph, what a wonderful comment,some people get more than their fair share of pain, and hardships in their lives yet they are able to look at the positive side and bring happiness to others.
Thank you for sharing this comment.
Hope all is well with you and family.


Amrita said...

Thank you sharing this Josephji. Sheila is a special lady.

Did you see the snake boat race?

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hi Amrita:)

I normally don't go to crowded places. But I saw it on the TV. Very exciting. And Sonia Gandhi was there too :)

Best wishes:)

Rose Marie Raccioppi said...

Dear Joseph,

Lifting the deeper meaning from words shared is indeed a gift you so willingly give. You have created a welcomed forum for spirited humanity. Blessings dear Joseph, Blessings.

Creativity!! said...

Woww Sir :D What A Bold High Will Power & Determined Lady :D Hatts off To Sheila :D

Thanks A Lot For Sharing Sir :D

Rhapsody B. said...

Namaste Joseph....
Powerful indeed....thanks for sharing and oh I loved loved loved the green figs....brings me a touch of home.

Enjoy the rest of your week.


Hi Joseph, I noticed you left a comment but when I clicked on publish it didn't go through.
Can you re-send it to me as I value your opinion.


Confessions of a Wandering Soul said...

Joseph, what an amazing, informative, inspirational blog you have here :). I'm simply blown away.Thank you for the lovely input of yours on my blog.I appreciate it heaps.Hope all is well with you.God Bless!

manivannan said...

Sir, honestly I didn't read your post. Your pictures took me away....the angle and composition are too good. One of the best pics in your blog, I must say!!!!

Thanks a lot for sharing. Have a nice time :-)

A New Beginning said...

Hey Joseph!!I got too engrossed in the pics..theyre just amazing!!!!

JM said...

Joseph, this set of photos is just wonderful and so is Sheila's text! I think you have previously mentioned this lady on one of your posts, right?

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hi JM:)

You have an elephantine memory. It is true I have written about her earlier. She amazes me with her writing ability.

Have a nice day JM:)

Mahesh Sindbandge said...

I agree with what you have been saying in this post...

sometimes u know ppl like to have a peaceful life..they dont want to struggle much ... but if life wants you to do it, it seems to be torture right then....

on a positive side, its true but bitter sometimes..

Rajesh said...

Wonderful shots. It is very thought provoking comment.

flyingstars said...

simply beautifully captured shots....lovely!

venus66 said...

Lovely pictures and wonderful post. She is a fantastic lady.

BabYpose said...

Thank you for sharing comments, they've made the quotes of the whole life. She is just amazing. the photos are great too.

venus66 said...

Dear sir, so sweet of you to comment at my blog. Thank you so much.:))

Lucy said...

She is a wonderful person. My mother had that strong faith and that was helped us all get through the short time she lived after being diagnosed with cancer. I do not have any idea where she got that deep faith from, probably god, but she wanted more than anything to go with God and she did. Thank you for visiting my blog. It was kind of messed up yesterday but I have a friend that gets my blog by mail and she was having a hard time reading it so a friend helped me out.

FCB said...

Hi Joseph,
You are so right, this comment by Sheila cuts right to the heart of life. When one speaks that has had great suffering I just have to listen intently. She is an inspiration and her writings and cheerful, loving spirit veil the fact of her suffering. That is the mark of victory and Christian maturity.
May I find a measure of it.
God bless,

FrankandMary said...

I've seen people at a "level 2" thinking life would be great if they were at a level 1, then they get to level 3 and if only they could be at level 2...What is bearable changes....and we need to try to appreciate what we have while we have it.~Mary

Diane said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. I really enjoyed poking around yours. I absolutely LOVE the picture with the bananas! Nothing I ever see around here.

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hi Diane:)

Many thanks.

Have a nice day:)

Rema said...

Hi sir,

Thanks for sharing good comments with us. Your post is as it is lovely to top it - all lovely comments. By sharing made it all the more g8.

My regards to all at home.

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hi Rema:)

Many, many thanks for your motivation and encouragement.

God bless you and your family,