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This is a comment made by me in one of my friends post.

What I am actually looking for is not appreciation but your valuable thoughts, ideas and suggestions to improve upon this comment. Since this comment deals with our life on this earth, it will be extremely useful to all of us if you will put on your thinking caps and open the flood gates of your thoughts and write generously so that all of us can draw inspiration from your words and benefit from them.

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Is this world really a torture house?

Do we get only glimpses of happiness?

Is it enough to take one day at a time?

Will faith and hope take us to the end of our prison days?

I agree and disagree with many of these points.

It is a torture house if we don't have a worthwhile aim, if we squander time, if we don't have a plan, if we float around like a rudderless ship, if we worry unnecessarily, if we live in fear, if we have no love and affection, if we are lonely, if we lose our respect and many more such things. On the other hand, it is a lovely, beautiful, exciting world if we have worthwhile goals, prepared to make sacrifices to achieve our ambitions, abhor present gratification for long term achievement, be optimistic and cheerful, have confidence in our ability, move forward purposefully with determination, save for a rainy day, have a network of good friends, enjoy good books, love nature and so on.

As regards happiness, it is well known happiness is a state of mind. If you let someone or something make you unhappy, then it is a choice you have made. On the other hand, if you decide that nothing will make you unhappy, then again you are making a deliberate choice to be happy irrespective of your adverse circumstances, or nasty people or things which you don't like. What ever is to happen will happen. What is the point in being unhappy about it. What stops you from being happy except yourself?

Taking one day at a time is a good idea. Living in the present is an excellent idea. People who are busy, have things to accomplish, live each day as though it is the last day of their lives, these are the people who find lasting peace and happiness. They have no time for regret, no time for hate, no time for revenge. It is said IDLE MIND IS DEVILS WORKSHOP.

Yes, we need faith in God and hope for the future life. Faith will move mountains. Faith will help us overcome problems. Faith will give us inner peace. Faith in God is the foundation on which our success, our happiness and our future in this life and the next is built upon. We should have a very strong foundation of faith, very firm unshakable faith and a faith that will withstand the storms of this short but sweet life.

I am sure with qualities such as these we can live a worthy, fruitful, satisfactory, successful, peaceful and happy life.


Brian Miller said...

this life in many ways is what we make of it. two people can walk down the smae street and have two completely different experinces. one sees a drab ghetto, another sees the small purple flower growing up through the cracks and calls it beautiful. one sees hurting people laying by the side of the road. another is repeled. another sees an opportunity to love. i wonder if it is our eyes that dictate what we see or the condition of our heart.


Hello Joseph, what a thought provoking post: In our lives we expereince love, hate, wealth, being poor, every emotion one can think of. As for the world being a torture house one only gets out of life what one puts in. I appreciate people in the third world is so different from other parts of the world and suffering is all too evident. For the majority of us we are more fortunate, though to hear some people talk they are hard done by.
Laughter and happiness is contagious that's one thing I don't mind coming in contact with.
The world is and could be a wonderful place if only there were less conflicts going on . I won't touch the subject of policticians
as I am not politically minded.
I have been desperate in my lifetime but there is always light at the end of the tunnel.

Have a good week.

Anonymous said...

For people who play upon being the victim and engage in endless negative prattle, it is a torture house, but then they make it so. Life is what you make it and you can always make it over. ~Mary

SkyJuice said...

Hi Joseph,

Life is full of beauty if we choose to notice it. Smiles, laughter, happiness, nature, etc.

Life is what you make it. You reap what you sow. No matter how easy or hard it is, we must never lose our faith. We should never forget to thank Him and be grateful, for every single thing doesn't come without His blessing.

Enjoy the rest of your week! :-)

A New Beginning said...

Life is like a it the negative and it'll show you the same, smile and it would reflect back.Our life is a present given to us By God, it is we who have to take care and nurture it, in the best way needs a lot of patience, but then thats the real test of life.
Your thoughts are awe inspiring and have a great spirit attached to them,a spirit of clarity and positivity! Keep up the great work and keep inspiring!
Thats a nice reflection of thoughts indeed!!

Creativity!! said...

Hello Sir, Good Morning :)

Life is Full Of doubt....but, there will be certain gates open, but we blindly regret for the closed doors but not even try to search or try to have a look at opened doors....its a general tendency of a human being....

secondly, The Diff between Life & Teacher Is Simple....But Difficult to accept.

Life Takes Exam, Then Teaches The Lesson......But, Teacher Teaches & Takes Exam :D

We have to be bold, brave enough to face any sort of situations.....Accept the life as it is..without wasting time, in regretting for the past......or not wasting time analyzing the future......but should go ahead with the present :D

Sir, Its Really A Good Comment Which You Made & also I really appreciate the way u brought out this topic..we all can come across different ideas, opinions, thoughts of different people :)

Life also depends upon the mindset of people.....some keep on thinking -ve rather than +ve & vice versa......

Sir, Thanks A Lot For Sharing This :) I really extremely liked this post a lot :)


hpy said...

Life is also what we make of it. Of course we don't always have the choice to move away from bad conditions, but we can always try to make them easier by laughing at them.

Femin Susan said...

Absolutely fantastic post! Good job!
Great! Keep up the great posts…..

Amrita said...

The world is certainly not an ideal place to live in as God intended it to be.

It has been marred by sin. And as the Bilbe says the whole creation is groaning for salvation, which is coming when Christ returns to earth.

But in the meanwhile if we have faith in God and have a positive attitude our greatest trials can be borne.

Just keep self pity at bay and don 't compare yourself with others.

Anonymous said...

Hello Joseph! I'm very interested in this post, your words and what the other people had to say. This subject has been on my mind lately because I often used to compare my life with that of living under house arrest here in Quebec. Yes, I made the choice to move here, but I didn't think it through. I used to be bored very often, and boredom leads to lethargy, which leads to laziness, which leads to idleness...and I believe that, in my case, being idle leads to self-destruction. I had no money for gas for the car, so I was really stuck inside. For many months, I sat by the window crying because I had no inclination to do anything; I felt very alone as an English woman living here with no English services, the nearest English library was an hour drive away, the nearest English theatre, 2 hours away. I was deep in debt and couldn't buy books or rent movies. My only outlet was the internet for a long time.

But then something happened, I made a decision one day (unconscious I believe because I don't remember saying it out loud), that until I could afford to move, I had to make the best of it. So, I took a walk on the mountain. Then I took another one the next day, and so've seen my photos! When I made the choice to seize the day and take pleasure in nature, as simple as she is, my life changed and my happiness exploded. I stopped dwelling on the past, and can truly say that 99% of the time, I live in the moment, for today, but look forward to what's next, it's very exciting!

As far as faith goes, I am still on the fence. I was brought up Catholic - very strictly and with many hypocritical nuances. I do feel as though there is something more to just this life on earth, but my faith lies in knowing that I will always have an even better day than yesterday.

Also, I think that the world can be torturous for those poor people who suffer mental illness without having the resources for help, or who are in fact beyond medical help. I think it's important to realize that. A healthy mind can make a choice, an unhealthy one cannot make the right choice.

I think that this world is torture to those who have been beaten down by people and life...and have not yet had the epiphanies that people like me have had. I wasn't always this happy, I lived in a torturous world for 40 years. But now, being reborn, open eyes, veils lifting daily...I do believe that life is just the opposite.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Joseph for that post!

Rhapsody B. said...

Namaste Joseph:

Life is like the seasons, just like there is rain, snow, summer/heat waves, natural disasters storms/hurricanes, forest fires there are triumphs, challenges, pain, relief, sorrows, successes, failures, struggles, discoveries, growth, and transformations all bringing with it lessons that enable us to maneuver through the time we have on this earth.

If we are wise we learn the lessons, if we fail then we are doomed to a life of recidivism until we are either enlightened if we are open to the knowledge’s attached to the experiences or we die not having learnt or discovered ones own excellence.

The simple yet complex truth is that happiness is a choice. Your happiness is your responsibility. To give ones power away to another in hopes that they may possible make you happy is an act of disparate futility. Can we other bring joy into our lives, sure but true happiness must come from within to depend on another to bring true joy is to set oneself up for infinite disappointment and sadness. We all will have struggles some come as a result of our choices, some as a result of someone else’s actions.

What makes us different and unique is how we utilize the lessons life brings you as a result of trials, tribulations, triumphs and joys and how we allow it to influence and inform who we become as individuals and a community.

Is the world torturous, no but some people in it certainly can be.

Yes its enough to take things one day at a time. Sometimes its all you can do to get through.

Faith and hope is the key. Its everything because sometimes its the only thing that holds you up and lift you up and help you to rise until the struggles has abaited.


Hello Joseph I would like to thank you for your lovely comment. It brought tears to my eyes.

Have a lovely week-end.

magicpolaroid said...

hello Joseph, how are u? hope all works well there, u know what i think about my old posts, The world is certainly not an ideal place, tehre are many situations that are so diffcult to agree and we can go on and be strong!

Mel said...

Hi Joseph!

I saw your post on the dashboard about four hours after you posted it and have been itching to read it and comment on it ever since then. Such a thought-inspiring post!! I love it! I only wish you would have included the link to the original post, also, the one you wrote the comment for, so that we could have enjoyed the full exchange and interplay between them. :) Perhaps you can post the link in another post, or edit this one to include it?? But no matter, your comments stands very well on it's own, too.

I honestly think there's something important that ties all of your ideas and concepts together and makes them all the most effective, and that word is "balance." God has been showing me the value and absolute necessity of balance, and has also been showing me that because balance is so difficult (much more difficult than being unbalanced is), we desperately need His help and guidance to achieve it, or to even come close to achieving it.

I'm reading this book Fred gave me called "Abide in Christ" which says that those of us who are indwelt by the Holy Spirit have moved beyond merely following Jesus, to actually living IN Him. I believe that's where the key to balance lies, and am praying that God will continue to open my eyes and transform me, and all of His children, from the inside out according to His truth.

I could go on, and on, and on, but--alas!--I must go to work now.

Many, many blessings, peace, joy and all good things to you and yours, Joseph! :)

Mel :)

FCB said...

When I read the first lines I immediately thought of those who live under oppressive governments, or those in refugee camps and the like, do they see life as a torture? Some suffer greatly and I would expect them to have no hope, no joy or faith in God; but it is not so, God has designed us to find happiness in the simplest things. With the love of family and friends we can live with the barest necessities and still laugh with our friends, take joy in our children, use our imaginations for pleasure and entertainment with but the simplest resources. Now if we extend that family to people like you and I, and we do our part to overcome injustice, send aid to the impoverished, pray for those in prisons, we can make this life for all a place where we are supported and loved. Lord Jesus, make it so.
God bless,

Mitr - Friend said...

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Leo said...

I think that we tend to think of "happiness" in terms of our own education. But what about the uneducated man; can he not also be happy even without goals and plans and such? If you had nothing -- no posessions, no education, no human contact, even -- could you still find happiness? If it is within you, surely you can have it.

R.Ramakrishnan said...

Hi Joseph,
A very thought provoking post. Such thoughts keep churning in our minds from time to time specially as we grow older.The answer to all the queries lie well within ourselves.Only our own attitude, approach and actions decide the kind of life we lead. In this "Kali Yug" the condition of the world has certainly deteriorated, the environment(air,water,earth)is polluted,the forests covers are denuded, moral values at their lowest,lust & sexual depravity at its peak,attitudes are most negative, people are in an awful hurry, there is no time to pause,relax and to consider the problem of others, people are more greedy, avaricious & materialistic, crime is at its highest - it is a rat race !
However in the middle of all this chaos, confusion and anarchy we can lead a happy life with the right approach, attitude and mental make up and right actions and deeds with enormous amount of love for all, by being unselfish,sacrificing,sharing and giving generously, having utmost faith and by living as you rightly said in today.
Have a great day Joseph! Ram

Creativity!! said...

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Mahesh Sindbandge said...

Well sometimes this world is a torture house...its the way we take it...

PERCEPTION is the right word sometimes..

Mitr - Friend said...

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P.N. Subramanian said...

You are living in the God's own Country. I would say you are extremely fortunate. This is my first visit to your blog and found it quite absorbing. It seems I need to become a follower, but don't know how to go about it. Any way I shall find out.

robert said...

Good morning Joseph,
it is my believe that one who has a WHY to live, is able to bare nearly every HOW.
Please have a nice Sunday.

Bluebirdy said...

For people who are in more physical and/or mental pain than they can bear, yes, life can be torture. For the rest of us, happiness is a learned behavior. For a chosen few, happiness is in their brain and body chemistry and comes quite naturally. These days are so very stressful, so we have to learn how to make life more enjoyable, learn that our trials are only meant to be lessons in this school called life, and that we will become wiser through each one of them. When I look at what an incredibly beautiful world of nature the Lord gave us to live in, in order to soothe our thoughts and help us reflect upon Him, I don't think He meant for this world to be torture...only a place of learning...and even happiness is a process of learning. In the US constitution, it says the right of life, liberty, and the PURSUIT of happiness. It is a pursuit. It is not an instant gift. It is a right given to you just because you want something, because it will make you happy. We have the right to "pursue" or "learn the steps to" happiness.
I think this world CAN be torture also for those who have not connected with their spiritual side and found deep beliefs in eternal life and a reason for all of the trials we go through. Torture to me would be spiritual separation from my creator...and so many in this world live like that. It is possible to find little joys in life, which can lift the spirit, and often are the only joys we have. Your pictures, Joseph, help us find those little joys when we are too busy to stop and look. This was a great philosphical/spiritual post!
Life DID feel like torture to me until 3 weeks ago. Pain, fatigue, fear, depression, worry about husband's life in war zone, physical inability to care for myself, no help, trying to care for my mother, all of it was too much. It seemed as if Satan was attacking from all sides, either trying to make me crazy or kill me or make me break up my marriage before hubby got permission to come, but Satan did not succeed, and the day the letter came, the constant fears being drilled into my head every minute, the worry about his life, the self consciousness about being a sick wife, it left instantly! Most of the pain also left, because stress is real poison for lupus patients. It's as if Satan gave up, and from one hour to the next, the world seemed different. I hope this is not just a few good days, I hope it continues to improve, but I am thanking the Lord every time I think of it as a healing. Even if not 100%, it is incredible change in my life. Life can seem very wonderful when you have your physical/mental health. If those are compromised, it takes much more effort to enjoy life, but it is possible, until the physical or mental pain gets to about level 8-10 on a scale of 1 to 10. Then not much is controllable because you are lost in overwhelming agony.

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hi Sheila:)

Many,many thanks for the fantastic and wonderful comment.

I'm planning to use this in my next post.

God bless you Sheila:)

Danielle&Hannah said...

“Life's challenges are not supposed to paralyse you, they're supposed to help you discover who you are.” –Bernice Reagon

"While we may not be able to control all that happens to us, we can control what happens inside us." --Benjamin Franklin

To everything there is a season and a reason under heaven [Ecclesiastes]. God understands why and we may not always. That’s what makes Him God and us human. God is the author while we are the illustrators. This life is the only story we will make, so we must make it count.

Fear is the thief of dreams. Sometimes life and situations may make us fearful – we are fragile – but that fragility should demonstrate how blessed we are and how much hope there is. Strength is most often discovered when one looks outside themselves. There is a whole world out there.

Life is what we make it and yes it requires much effort, sometimes generations.

'The stronger the breeze, the stronger the trees'

Joseph, I agree that the “idle mind is the devil’s workshop’ because you can’t stop the bird from flying over your head, but you CAN stop it from nesting in your hair…

Our thoughts and choices produce the very fruit of our life. We need to fill our hearts and minds with the things which help us bear the fruit we would like. Being fertilised by faith and Gods pure love ~ not forgetting to fertilise others with love also.

Proverb. As a man thinks in his heart, so is he…

Like “Brian Miller” said – the eyes are the windows to the soul – are our windows clear enough to find the hope and beauty that IS out there… "While we may not be able to control all that happens to us, we can control what happens inside us." --Benjamin Franklin

Life is a sobering thought.

Best regards,
Danielle :)

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hi Danielle:)

Many, many thanks for the wonderful comment with plenty of inspiring quotes. I am spellbound at the thoughts you have expressed.

Have a lovely day Danielle:)