Saturday, June 27, 2009


We all know St.Peter was known as the Big Fisherman. He was an illiterate fiserman appointed by Jesus to catch men and St.Peter did a commendable job. He even died crucified upside down.

Meet Stephen, a small fisherman. He has been fishing for 40 years. He has no money to repair his boat. The bank is not prepared to lend him money. He has a wife and two grown up children—one girl and a boy. Both are working but they are not earning enough money. Sometimes they go without food. He says he is used to hunger. He says that the BIG MAN(GOD) knows whom to give and whom not to give. He has no complaints about his life.
What astonished me was that he undertakes to pay for the Church Feast once in 7 or 8 years. When I asked him how he can find the money, he laughed and told me that the BIG MAN will provide. I was shocked. But he has tremendous faith in THE BIG MAN.

Once he did not get a catch for several days. He was in great difficulties. He was very upset. He went to the Church and told God that he will not come to the Church again. As he came out of the Church a cobra stood in his way and was ready to strike him. When he put his foot forward, the cobra came forward. When he stepped back the cobra also went back. He did this several times and suddenly he realised that he had offended God. He went running back to the Church, fell on his knees and asked God for forgiveness. When he came out of the Church the cobra had vanished. Do you think this is his supertition or a figment of his imagination? Any way my hairs stood on end when I heard this story.
Look at his hard tough hand

At the end of our conversation I gave him Rs.20 to have some tea. He told me that he did not talk to me because I will give him money. I told him that I would have had tea with him myself if there was a tea shop close by and therefore I requested him to take the money. He graciously accepted it and walked away with a grateful smile.



Hi Joesph good to see you back,
have you solved your laptop problems?
This story certainly do make your hair stand on end, I loved the photo's as usual.
Have a lovely week-end.


Tickled pink said...

hello sir
its a really touching story.These people are so satisfied with whatever little they have and we who are born with silver spoon in mouth always complain.
The pictures are very good.Thought provoking as always...

Anonymous said...

Hi Joseph! That's a great story of faith and human perserverance. I personally don't share that same faith in THE BIG MAN. I guess I'm still searching and learning! But kudos to him for believing because it keeps him living. Whether THE BIG MAN exists or not, I think it's a person's faith and belief that makes all the difference! I really liked this story! I'm guessing you got your hard drive fixed? I hope?

Mel said...

Thank you for being a blessing in Stephen's life, Joseph. I'm sure he will never forget you. As to the cobra, whether it was real or imagined, it was real to him, and his life was forever changed because of the encounter.

I enjoyed reading about Stephen and seeing the pictures of him and his surroundings. May he and his wife and family be blessed. And may you and your wife and family be blessed, too. :)

Peace and joy to you in rich abundance,
Mel :)

Amrita said...

First of all Josephji I amm so glad you are back. Seems your computer trouble is over.

Your stories and pictures from real life are so engrossing and invoke social and community awareness and show life as it really is. I like this aspect of your blog so much.

No I believe Stphen 's story. God can speak to us in His amazing way.
In the Old Testament God spoke to prophet through a donkey.

Blue Moon said...

Hello! Sir,

I hope your problem of laptop is solved now.

Once again a gr88888888888 & spectacular post. I loved the way u presented the story of the fisher man. The story reminded me of Hemingway’s “The old man & the sea”. I felt if the author had shown other side of Santiago’s life, it would have been like this story (written by you).

Once again Cheers……….

Good Luck for next posts…..!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will be eagerly waiting for your response on my post.


R.Ramakrishnan said...

Hi Joseph
Enjoyed reading your post & the nice photos. A very touching story. Stephen represents the extreme poverty that exists amongst many such fisherman living across India's vast coastlines. Many still live on one meal a day.They are poor but live with dignity.They have courage & conviction and belief in the almighty.They are happy with thier lot and will not beg.
Its a pity Banks won't lend to such folks. The State Govt should do something about these people. I am sure the Govt does have schemes but the money probably gets siphoned off by unscrupulous politicians.
The Grameen Bank in Bangladesh has done yoeman service to poor people there by offerring micro credit. Micro Credit concept has won the International recognition & the founder has even won the Nobel Prize last year. Similar self less schemes are required in India too to help the poor.

Thank You Joseph


Leo said...

Good to see you back, Joseph. Your encounter with the fisherman reminds me to be thankful for what I have as well as for what I do not have. Thanks!

Jeanette said...

Gday Joseph, A very touching story,and a man of strong faith.
Nice photo's,

Margaret Cloud said...

This is an amazing story, I enjoyed reading it very much. This goes to show how people can survive without riches. I am very proud of Stephen, even though I don't know him, he seems like a very proud man. Hope you have a nice weekend and thank you for coming by, thanks for sharing this wonderful story.

Rhapsody B. said...

Namaste My friend Joseph. I see by this entry that you have again gained access to a computer, congratulations.

In relation to this entry, I believe the faith the man has as I have witnessed some of this hardship through my grandmother who gave a great feast (thanksgiving) for all the community every Palm Sunday as thanks to God for which everyone came and ate freely and left with a bag filled with goodies. Sometimes we had little, I would see and know she had no money and little food yet when the thanksgiving time was upon her the money would come and we would begin cooking in great giant pots.

Thanks for sharing, hope to see you via your comments at my place soon. Stay blessed my friend.

Take care...Rhapsody

A New Beginning said...

Hi Joseph!
Its great to have you back.I really enjoyed the snaps and the story. Its a fact that God tests each according to their ability and mostly those who are close to him. The person like our friend here, who is thankful to God for whatever hes given him will always have be happy in life:)
Your research on people and your snaps are a very powerful medium, they make the world come alive through your lenses:)
Take care, hope your laptop workn fine now!

hpy said...

I don't think that you can get accustomed to hunger. When it really carves your stomach, making you cry out from the hurth of the knife you feel cutting away pieces of yourself.

msatheeshkumar said...

Oh seems to be a Nice person.I'm sure he would be Happy,despite his poverty. The The Real happiness doesn't come from what we have,but from what we did. This poor old man,who despite his poverty manages to pay for the Church Feast surely,would have his soul full of happiness.

Trudy said...

Hello dear Joseph! I loved the story of Peter the fisherman. The pictures of him definitely speak to the fact that he goes hungry too often, he is so very thin! I love that he still has such a great faith in God even through the difficulties. Isn't this true so often? Those who have so little seem to have the most faith in our Creator.

Thank you for sharing this, I will keep Peter and his family in my prayers. And you, as always!

God bless!

Brian Miller said...

inspiring story joseph. thank you for sharing and stretching me.

FCB said...

Hi Joseph,
Glad to see your computer problems are over, mine too.
What an inspiring story of this man's resignation to God. May I learn to be equally as content.
A very interesting story about his frustration and coincidental meeting of the cobra; superstition or not, I'm sure my first impression would be the same.
Great story Joseph,
God bless,

Rose Marie Raccioppi said...

YES, indeed the giving is the receiving, a libation eternal.

Thank you for this heartfelt post as well as your visit to APOGEE Poet. Mahatma Gandhi holds a most special place in both my heart and consciousness. I thank you for knowing and suggesting, "MY EXPERIMENTS WITH TRUTH."

My work as an educational consultant/therapist is integrated with many practices of yoga science. The concept of truth and truth itself are woven into each practice. You may find a visit to: of interest. I received my training at the Himalayan Institute of Yoga Science, Honesdale, PA. Swami Rama was my guide.

magicpolaroid said...

Enjoyed reading your post & the nice photos. A very amazing story. hope ur problem pc solved and good luck if not yet!

Rajesh said...

Good to see you back. This is very touching story of the fisherman. It is very rarely we find such people who in spite of all difficulties who do not let go their self-esteem.

Funky Art Queen said...

This is a beautiful story and testament and gives me so much to think about today. Thanks Joseph!

Mahesh Sindbandge said...

Now thats a very good thing to do, share, write about and read.

Such real life examples inspire readers..
thanks for sharing it with us.

Glad to see ppl like joseph who believe in GOd...


divsi said...

hehe..big man:) thats so sweet!
lovely post sir!
we meet strangers...relate to them..n then we realise we hav one certain part common with them always...n that is enough to strike a chord:)

Rema said...

G888 story. I do believe if you trust in big man you can do it.

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hi Rema:)


We need God for everything. We can't even move a little finger without His help.

Many thanks for your comments.

Best wishes:)