Wednesday, May 27, 2009


This Church belongs to the Roman Catholic(Latin rite) community. It is more than 400 years old. You can see the Indo-Portuguese style in the structure of the Church. Let us first see how the Church looks from the outside(Please click on the photo to get a lovely large view.)

Devotees saying novena in front of the grotto of Our Lady of Hope.

Now let us go inside. If you are entering the Church for the first time you can make three wishes. Your can also pray for yourself, your family and your friends and for me or You can sit silently and meditate about God or You can simply sit and soak in the peace and quietude prevailing inside Or if you are tired, you can sit and sleep for a while because Jesus said---COME TO ME ALL OF YOU WHO ARE TIRED and BURDENED WITH WORRIES, I WILL GIVE YOU REST AND PEACE.



manivannan said...

Thanks a lot for your prayers and blessing. Your note was short but very sweet :-)

It's a great feeling to be inside a church, 400 year old. I am happy you gave us a chance :-) I used to go to churches in my home place. There are some very old churches there.



Hello Joseph, what an inspirational blog. The photo's was awsome and so clear to see.
You are indeed a very good photographer. I look forward to your next.
Have a good week.


Rhapsody said...

Interesting post, very dramatic images.

Femin Susan said...

Well, I have never visited the Vypeen church. That means I can make three wishes when I visit there one day.

that church looks great from inside and out side.

That was indeed a lovely imformation about the Vypeen church. Thanks for sharing.

Amrita said...

I love the old Portuguese style churches and archetecture.They are so unique.

It seemed I visited the church with you Josephji.

Old building have such history and atmosphere attatched to them.

You must be enjoying the pleasant monsoon as the rains have reached Kerala.

Trudy said...

Hello dear Joseph! What a wonderful post and a beautiful 'tour' of this incredible church. I really felt that I was inside the church from your pictures...amazing! You really have such a gift for photography and we are blessed that you share it!

Ah yes..."come to me, all who are weary and I will give you rest". Those are some of my favorite 'red letter' words! He truly is our haven for rest.

Have a blessed week my friend!


Howard said...

You rock! :)

A New Beginning said...

Hey!Thats a beautiful Church, reminds me of the one I visited on my trip to the north was beautiful with life size paintaing of Mother Mary and Jesus!
Thanks for taking us to such beautiful places, I love to take up each journey through your lens:)
Take care!

Mel said...

Such a lovely, informative, illustrative post! I enjoyed reading about the church and viewing the pictures... It's almost as good as being there myself! :) 400 years old... Wow! That's older than my country! If I were there, I'd be overwhelmed by being in a place where so much history has happened. Maybe not world-famous history, but local, community history there near where you live.

Thank you for the tour in pictures and writing. God bless you, dear Joseph, with a wonderful, beautiful day!

hpy said...

I once slept in a church - I was so tired that my eyes didn't keep open. But that was long ago. Now I try to behave a bit better.

Rhapsody said...

Namaste Joseph...I seldom like to post something that is not appropriate to the posts however I am making the exception because you have been bewildered and vexed at having to find my last post, :) I am laughing here at you because i can imagine you. The last comment was on your post you made about your friends death, i believe it is titled attending a funeral (something to that effect). Whenever i visit and you have not posted anything new, i simply browse around in your older posts and read. So here is the tip, when you get a comment from me and you cannot locate it, search your older posts. Also usually when you get an email/prompt of a comment it usually states the post to which its attached.

I don't mind your long comments, in fact I enjoy reading your comments.....

tip for pessimism...change your thoughts change you mind and in effect change your life. EAsier said than done i know, simply take it one day at a time. To me, you seem happy, your words when i read convey someone with a sense of human and knows how to smile. Are your words and illusion? or is it perhaps because I don't know you?

Funky Art Queen said...

Joseph, you left the most beautiful comment on my blog that i have ever made me smile and made my heart swell. I love this post about this church and about Jesus. I'm going to follow you on your blog because I feel something special about you.

FCB said...

Hi Joseph,
Thanks for this indepth look into a beautiful historical church. The old statues of Christ, the detail of the carved pillars inside, such care taken to provide a reverent place to worship. One immediately feels like this is Holy Ground.
God bless my friend,

satish kumar said...

Wow that was nice to know about a church of 400 years history.Where is this church? May I know? And I pray God to give you good health and long life.........Have a wonderful day :)

Leo said...

Very nice photo-journey.

I'm having trouble accessing your web-site. Get a message that the "operation is aborted." If I then go back, it will sometimes allow me in (like now), but then will lock up when I get ready to leave. The blogger folks are aware of the glitch which seems to have something to do with the follower widget and are working to resolve it. Thought you might like to know.

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hi Satish:)

This Church is in Vypeen Island very close to Kochi. It can be reached by road or ferry boat.

Best wishes:)

Catherine said...

How I appreciate your sense of humour, Joseph.
Always a little humoristic note in your text.
Don't tell me that you can fall asleep instead of making a wish in the Church of Our Lady Of Hope !
A preordained name !
Have a nice week-end, Joseph

deeps said...

i have heard about the Church, but never got chance to go there yet ..

thanks a lot for the prayers...

Swarna said...

Hi JP,
God bless you and yours too.
We are home on vacation! and it's a great change to be amidst greenery and water from the heat, bust and concrete of the capital. Hope we are able to fit in some sight-seeing in between 'relative-visiting'!

joseph said...


I am happy to see this lovely old church.I like the portugues style of architecture.

I am joining you in saying prayers and making three wishes.

Your style of writing is very captivating and interesting.

God bless you my friend

JM said...

This is such an awesome little church! And I find really cool reading portuguese on your blog! :-)
Thanks, Joseph!

Rhapsody said...

Namaste Joseph....
I have updated the resent comments by placing there titles on the comments. If all else fails simply revisit all your older posts and read that comments you will encounter my comments along the way.

rema said...

Dear Sir,

I just went through your Blog. Its great. Could not go through in detail which i will be doing off and on. But it is superb. All the best.

Wish you wife and children a very happy, healthy and long life.

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hello Rema:)

Greetings and welcome:)

Many, many thanks for visiting my blog. I am very happy you liked it.

You should also start a blog.

I enjoyed reading your interesting comments. Many, many thanks for the same.

I look forward to your comments very eagerly. This is a wonderful platform for us to keep in touch with each other and exchange our views.

Have a bright and beautiful day Rema:)

meerasworld said...

this post reminded me of seeing the steps where jesus walked on,in a church in rome.thanks:)

Sherwin said...

♥ ma church

CoxMarsh said...


P.N. Subramanian said...

Beautifully explained. I have visited many old churches including one at Chennamangalam area.