Sunday, February 15, 2009


He was walking unsteadily with the help of a cane on MG Road near Perumanoor. He walked towards a ditch and I looked at him in horror. But with the help of his cane he avoided it. He tried to cross the road and banged himself on to a parked van. He steadied himself and started walking into Alapat Cross Road. He had lottery tickets in his hand.

I wanted to pick up a conversation with him. When he came to a shady place,
I said, ” Hello! I want to buy a ticket from you.” He stopped and took out a ticket.

I started talking to him and found out the following details .His name is Mohammed Basheer, a Muslim by religion. He is from Kalavoor in Alleppey District. His married and has two children. Kalavoor is about 60Km from Kochi. He sits near the Kerala Beverages Corporation retail outlet in Alapatt Cross Road. He earns about Rs.200($4) a day after meeting all his expenses.

While I was talking to him, I could see he was becoming impatient. Obviously, he was tired walking all the way from the bus stop. I asked him if he will take Rs.10 from me even if I did not buy his lottery ticket. He told me that it is my wish. So I gave him Rs.10, said bye to him and walked away

Here is an honest man. Although he has no eyes, he is not complaining. He is not begging. He doing his own business and earning a livelihood in a decent way. He doesn’t mind traveling alone all the distance every day. He is fulfilling his responsibility to his family without thinking of the hardships he has to undergo.A special,outstanding man with iron will and fantastic determination. A man to be admired and applauded by all of us.

God bless him and his family. .


Rahul said...

u r really coming up with some really credible stuff here man..some really special common citizens of India..keep going.. :)

Paul said...

Hi JPC, I admire that blind man. He is doing a job and makes his living. Great posting. I am little busy now a days as I am about to submit my Ph.D thesis in Mech. Engg. Have a great day.

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hi Paul :)

You are really great. Your unassuming simplicity made me think you are a school student :) I never thought for a moment that you are doing Ph.D. I am thrilled to have such a learned person as my friend.

My best wishes to you for success in this great venture. I waiting for the day when you will be conferred the Ph.D.

God bless you and shower upon you all the graces needed to come out in flying colors :)

Mel said...

My heart echoes your prayer, Joseph, that God would bless this man and his family. I pray that Christ will capture his heart and bring him home to Heaven, where he will be able to see, and where his soul will be satisfied with joy and pleasure beyond comprehension.

God bless you, my friend. Thank you for sharing with us. :)

Amrita said...

Touching story Mr J.

I am a weak sighted person, but living without sight is so challenging.

It was so kind of yout to help him in your own way.

Basheer is a brave man, he is not begging but trying to live with dignity.

Maria said...

Hallo Joseph, what an admirable story of Mohammed Basheer who lives in dignity without complaining about his fate.
Thank you for telling us his story and help him when you meet him.

My spring flowers are not grown in wintery Austria, but we need some colours here after a long and grey winter :)
Thanks for your visit and your comment!

SkyJuice said...

Hello Joseph,

Mohammed Basheer is a brave man. I applaud his courage and determination. May God bless him and his family always.

Thanks for sharing. Have a good week ahead! :-)

Femin Susan said...

i admire that blind are very kind and generous....
may god bless his family and your kind heart:)


well sir these are amazing pics.i mean so real n focussed...just like picturesque.luved it a lot..
i always admire this blog cause of the ignored things in our life are being valued over here by urs cool photography...anyways sir..u ve been tagged by me..kindly go through my last post..i ll be obliged if u ll spend ur precious time upon answering those..
have a good day!!!!!!

Bluebirdy said...

Very nice story Joseph! I am glad this man has a wife and children and that he does not have to live alone. He has help. That is great that he is not begging. I have heard such awful stories of people in Kabul lately begging, even putting red paint on their children to make them look injured and sitting on the side of the highway for someone to stop and offer help in the form of money "for medical care". I guess desperate lives lead to desperate actions, it is so very good stories like this are GOOD NEWS! Thanks also for visiting my blog and being such an uplifting friend.
I see that my Christian friend Amrita found your blog and left a comment. I really wanted you two to meet and get to know each other, either through email or through each other's blogs. You have much in common.
Bless you in all ways

JM said...

You've shared another great story, Joseph!

FCB said...

Hi Joseph,
This story about Mohammed is another one of your candid, moving peeks into the character and makeup of the people of India.
These stories encourage me to slow down and notice those around me. Little acts of kindness are a powerful thing I think, and I think God finds great pleasure when we show respect for those He has created. Glad to be back home and catch up on your blog.
God bless,

Ritu said...

Hey great blog! i just cme across yr blog while surfing te net for a pic ... it was great reading yr post... god bless him and his family...