Tuesday, February 19, 2008


I never thought that I will ever be admitted to the ICU(intensive care unit). Recently I had a pain in my chest at 7.30 in the evening. I thought that it might be due to gas and therefore I took a diegene tablet and hoped it will go away. But the pain still persisted. So I took one more tablet and waited for the pain to subside. However, the pain increased. So I drank some water and sat on the sofa quietly. The pain was spreading to my hands. I went and laid on my bed. The pain was increasing. I got up and walked. Nothing happened. I felt like sitting down. So I sat down. The pain was unbearable. I became desparate. I told my wife and children about the pain and wanted to go to the hospital immediately. They called for a taxi. The cab driver said that he will not be able to come. The time was already 11.30 in the night. I could not bear the pain any longer. I decided to drive my car. My two sons-DAVID and ANGELO- came with me. I gave Rs.5000 cash to my son ANGELO for meeting the expenses at the hospital. I drove straight to the Co-operative Hospital which was close to my house at Thrikkakara. I went to the casualty and told my problem to the doctor. She told the attendent to take my ECG(Electro cardiogram). While the attendent was struggling with the ECG, she told the nurse to give me an injection for gas. The pain did not go. Meanwhile the attendant was still struggling the ECG equipment and after several minutes he found out that the equipment was defective. I was finding it difficult to lie on the examination table due to the pain and I told the doctor about it. The attendant quickly brought another ECG machine which was fortunately working. They found my heart rate low. The doctor did not tell me but told my children and advised them to take me to the EMC HOSPITAL which has better facilities. None of my children knew to drive the car and therefore, I told her that I will drive the car myself. She flatly refused to let me drive and arranged an ambulance. She forced me to sit in a wheel chair and the attendent pushed it to the waiting ambulance. This is again the first time I sat in a wheel chair and lay in an ambulance. I was wondering what will happen next. Soon I reached the EMC HOSPITAL. I was again made to sit in a wheel chair and pushed to the casualty. It was already 2.30 in the night. I was soon surrounded by nurses and the night duty doctor. He gave rapid instructions to the nurses. I was made to open my mouth and they poured some thick liquid medicine. One nurse gave me an injection. Another nurse poked a needle in my veins and inserted glucose. One other nurse put the oxygen mask. In the meanwhile my pain had gone and I felt good. I told the doctor I am OK and wanted to go home. He said that I will be admitted to the ECU so that my condition can be monitored continuously for twenty four hours. I was made to lay on a stretcher.It was pushed to a lift and was taken to the ECU ward on the seventh floor of the hospital. My children who came with me terribly worried were made to stand outside for further instuction.
This is how I entered the ECU for the first time in my life. I will tell you what happened there another day.


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